Wanted: Talents for my babywearing book

Are you a babywearer?

Would you and your child like to be featured in a book that will not only be available in Malaysia, but globally also?

Send me your submissions and you could very well be The Babywearing World's Next Top Model ;)

All I need from you is this:
Child(ren)'s Name(s):
Child(ren)'s Age(s):
Carriers that you use (this is so I can decide which type of carrier you can model):
Brief description about your babywearing experience:
Please include one full-length photo and one mid-length babywearing photo.

The photoshoot is set to happen sometime in mid-January 2014, so if you're chosen, you'll have to make yourself free around that time. I'll try my best to find a date that can suit everyone's schedule, which means that it will likely happen on a weekend. Please note that the photoshoot will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so for those who live out of town, you'll have to come here for the shoot.

I am looking for babywearers and babywearees of all different genders, ages, and color. That means that if you're a babywearing mama with a newborn, you'd be welcome. If you're a babywearing daddy with a preschooler, you'd also be welcome. As long as you are a babywearer, I'd love to work with you!

Please send in your submissions by 28th December 2013. I shall get back to you soon after, if you are chosen. Good luck!


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