The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Season Finale!

I know it's been a week since The Apartment's season finale aired on StarWorld, but I've been waiting for it to air on NTV7 (which it did on Saturday night) so that there were no spoilers out there!

The episode opens by reminding us what the two final teams are in for this week:

Designing an entire apartment in just 72 hours (that's three days) with a $30,000 budget. They'll get plenty of handymen time, which is great, but with 7 rooms and two bathrooms to design, they're still gonna have to get down and dirty to complete this challenge! Once the 72 hours are over, their apartments will be judged by guests of the Grand Prize Gala, but with an interesting twist: the guests will be judging the apartments without knowing who the apartments belong to.

Even as each team were conceptualizing, you could tell that they knew exactly what they were doing. It's the kind of self-assuredness that can only come from having 9 weeks of hardcore experience behind them. Tastes aside, there are so many technical aspects to home design and decorating, and it is not something you can pull off just by reading a couple of books about home decor. The 9 weeks of intense challenges, of blood, sweat, and tears, have turned these two remaining teams into almost-pros, which is far from the amateurs they were when the show began.

Enough of my rambling, let's check out the designs!

First, let's talk about the resident artisans, Deankie and Tiara! They went for a eco-themed home, utilizing a lot of greens and yellows and browns and teal (which is Dulux' Color Of The Year for 2014). During the challenge, Deankie said something very apt: "We haven't just been decorating, we've been designing". I think that this has been their strength all throughout the competition, and it's something that is very much apparent in the space they have created this time around. The most outstanding detail in their apartment? The living room ceiling!

They've done something similar before, I know, but this time around there was more attention given to the manipulation of the fabric to create a mood. To know that these two petite friends of mine did it by themselves is astonishing - this creation was creative, aesthetically pleasing, and suited their eco home perfectly. LOVE.

Now let's move on to Yvette and Sonya. These two have been the front-runners early on, winning the first challenge of the season (where my team was booted out, sob sob!) and pretty much every other challenge after. Their strength is in their impeccable tastes - these two know what looks good, and they know how to pull it off. I relate on a personal level to their style, because I love that rustic, industrial look that they do really well. Their standout designs this week? Their living room shelving and their adorable nursery!

The floor-to-ceiling shelving unit in their living room was just divine. I have a weakness for shelves, so I was very excited to see that. Also they had a book there that I had fun reading...I think it was something like All About Needlecraft. I wanted to stuff it into my bag so I could sneak away with it, but it wouldn't fit :( The nursery...OMG...I was squealing when I walked into that room. It was so perfect! The walls turned out great, and having the crib in the middle of the room was very clever and practical. Very very cute room!

That's Azaria and I in Yvette & Sonia's living room
After the guests had cast their vote, we were all transported to the Grand Prize Gala at KLGCC. The air was electric: everyone was excited to see who'd win. The Gala was also incredibly emotional. The fantastic producers pulled off something incredibly generous and sweet: they flew in Deankie's mom all the way from the Phillipines! When they invited her on stage and Deankie broke down crying, half the room was sobbing, and the other half was trying not to.

Before Jamie and Laurence announced the results, it was revealed that the runner up would not only win two brand new Vespa scooters, but also an apprenticeship with Andrea Savage's company, Design Intervention. The winners, of course, will win a home at the Elmina by Sime Darby Properties...but the judges announced that they will also get to go on holiday in Bali! After 10 weeks of hard labor, that vacay is definitely very much needed.

So...who won?


I am so proud of these two and how far they've come. They've gone from being almost homeless to now having a luxurious property to call their own. These two good friends are not only good to each other, but are so kind, sweet, humble, affectionate, and caring to everyone around them. More than that, they are legit talented designers who know what they're doing. I have so much love for these two, it's not even funny. They totally deserved to win, and I don't think anyone can disagree. Congratulations, you two!

Now, I know the season just ended, but I'm already looking forward to next season...and if you love decorating and have a TV-worthy personality, grab a partner and sign up for the auditions here! Being on the show is an experience that I won't soon forget, and I've made some really good friends that I wouldn't have ever met otherwise...and that's only after being around for a week ;p

Thanks to the folks at JadenSocial (particularly Karen!) for inviting me to write the weekly reviews this season, and thanks to everyone who has watched the show and read my reviews. It's been a fun ten weeks, but I look forward to getting back to my "regularly scheduled programming" of blog posts from here on out. Now, go out there and design your destiny (oh god, that was painfully cheesy).


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