The book: An update!

I'm about halfway through now, and I'm realizing that it's...not easy. LOL. Between the kids getting sick and the constant stream of errands that I need to attend to (the life of every mom, pretty much), writing my first book hasn't been the "typewriter by the lake, hot mug of coffee by my side, autumn breeze fluttering through the open windows, sun streaming onto my work desk" situation that I envisioned as a kid. Instead it's a "let's try and get this paragraph done while one child climbs on my back, yelling FOR CHIMA!! and the other jumping off the coffee table to try different landing styles that may or may not break his legs" kind of situation most days.

Having the kids around has been useful in some ways, though:

Babywearing a pre-schooler isn't something I particularly enjoy doing (my poor back!) but any time I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words, I just grab a carrier and wear Afraz. I hardly ever wear him these days, but his face lights up whenever I ask him if he'd like to get in a carrier, and he goes absolutely limp and relaxed once he's in it (see the picture on the left). So, parents who wonder if their kids ever "grow out of it" and get sick of being worn, I can tell you: most kids will never grow out of wanting to be close and cuddly with their mamas (that's me receiving lots of grateful kisses on the right).

There are a few exciting things I'll blog about next week with regards to the book - and you will have a chance to be actively involved! So watch this space and don't forget to subscribe for updates. And why don't you go and "Like" Glam Mama on FB while you're at it, so you won't miss a thing ;)


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