SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 9

We finally find out the FINAL TWO TEAMS! The last few weeks have just flown by, and this episode opens with a recap of everything that's happened up to this point. From the auditions, to some behind the scenes antics of contestants and judges alike, the first half of the episode really brought home the fact that the season is coming to a close.

Unlike previous episodes, this week did not see any design challenges. Instead, we continue at design court where we left off: who stays, and who goes home?

Let's start with the bad news first: the teams that are out of the competition are Adam and Adrian, and Pearlyn and Nara. Can I just say I was really shocked? As I said last week, I thought Adam and Adrian were going to win the challenge! I mean, that kitchen and dining area was gorgeous. Hmm.

In any case, the final two teams still in the running to win a rent- and mortgage-free life are:

Deankie and Tiara, and Sonia and Yvette!

They're not going to have an easy time getting that win, though. Just before the episode ends, the judges drop the bomb on them: the final design challenge will require that the two teams design an entire home...in 72 hours.

That is the craziest challenge on The Apartment to date! To say I'm super-psyched for the finale this Sunday would be an understatement. It is going to be epic!

So let's get to know the final two teams as we await the season finale airing this Sunday at 9.40pm on StarWorld (special thanks to Karen K of Jaden Social for the write-up!).
 #teamSonyaYvette – The Fashionistas 
 Yvette and Sonya “bumped into each other” in their shared apartment block in central Singapore; bonding over their love for fashion, it didn’t take long before these neighbors became friends. Yvette earned herself a bachelor in media and communications and has had a successful career as a television presenter (Fashion Basics, High Life), fashion journalist (Marie France Asia, Being Woman), as well as maintaining her fashion blog “Tanjong Bazaar”.  Yvette has a unique, experimental fashion style: “I love to mix vintage pieces with the ultra modern and classic items against interesting textures. I like a splash of something unexpected and tend to avoid a cookie-cutter look head to toe”. 
Model and actress, Sonya, started modeling at the early age of 16 and has been successful in the field of fashion, having also started a fashion line called Glow Maternity – maternity clothing for young and stylish moms. On her personal style: “I am very picky with what I wear. I would describe my style as chic, feminine, and sexy. But beyond this, style is how you carry yourself”.  
Yvette and Sonya were early favourites of the competition, winning two of the first three challenges on series three of The Apartment. Even judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said he “felt almost physically sick” because he hadn’t thought of designing in the same way that they have. The girls are keeping their fingers crossed that they can translate their knowledge and love of fashion into the competitive and ever-changing world of interior design.
#teamDeankieTiara – The Resident Filipino Team  

Friends since they attended the same art school, bonding over their love of design, fashion, and everything about the arts, Deankie and Tiara are the Filipino representatives in The Apartment. Deankie initially planned to enter the competition with his Aunt but after she couldn’t make it, he asked Tiara and rightfully hasn't had a single regret since!  Having battled with revealing his sexuality to his friends and family, losing a father, and facing the imminent threat of repossession of his family home, Deankie has been through many hardships – but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his cheerful personality. A self-confessed antagonist of monotony, Deankie loves “matching random accents”.  Tiara would describe her design style as “modern and sophisticated”, preferring neutral colours with a pop of bright colours to spice things up. However, they both agreed that neon colours would never enter either of their bedrooms. 
With no money and both unemployed, Deankie and Tiara entered the competition with a sense of urgency – literally designing to keep a roof over their heads. Despite both only being 23 and with no real experience beyond art school, they have not failed to humbly impress the judges week after week. Whilst never winning a weekly challenge, they have never found themselves in the bottom two, and instead have been “flying under the radar”. It has become very apparent that the underdogs, Deankie and Tiara, have an unbreakable design chemistry, which they are hoping will allow them to successfully represent the Filipino creativity and take out the title of the winners of season three of The Apartment.


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