SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 8

This week has to be my absolute favorite week so far this season, because the contestants worked on their kitchen and dining rooms! This week, the design brief had one specific direction: the contestants needed to reflect their own personal style. They were helped...well, "helped"...by their friends who sent over some personal items, some of which didn't exactly fit their intended design scheme.

This week was a study in self-esteem and motivation: Yvette and Sonia were in the bottom two last week and it really affected their confidence this week. It was interesting to see how the stress manifested itself - they're usually really calm and confident, but this week they questioned their every move. Despite their worries, though, they turned out an amazing kitchen and dining area! I love love love the rustic industrial mixed with Peranakan theme, but I felt the kitchen was a bit cold compared to the dining area. That chalkboard wall looked great, though.

See the difference between the two areas?
The dining area looks a lot more inviting.
Love that chalkboard wall!

Also, this made me LOL:

Cannot be unseen!
Now let's move on to Per and Nara. They have become the dark horse of the competition, with their designs getting better and better each week. It's interesting how these two paired refinement with a bit of their usual spunk. I LOVE that they had the wet kitchen - very functional! The judges seemed annoyed that the living room didn't fit in with the kitchen and dining areas, but seriously, how the heck do you bring those two looks together?

You can just barely see the living room here.
How to match la, you tell me??

Adam and Adrian did amazingly well this week. That wall is just...stunning. These two seem to have an instinct for good design, especially when they go all out like they did this week: "If we go out, we go out with a bang!". The entire kitchen and dining area just...worked. And I love that they picked up the orange-red of the walls in the accessories throughout the area.

Deankie and Tiara did really great this week too, although I agree with the judges that the beehive thing should have been exterminated. Their ceiling more than made up for it, though. These two are DIY masters, which is something that sets them apart from other teams. They put in their personal touch on pretty much every item in their rooms, which is admirable in any other context, but when you think about how little time the contestants have each week, it makes their DIY-ness that much more special.

Look at that ceiling! So creative.
But this? Just...no.

So, who's in and who's out this week? Well...

We don't know! The results will be announced next week. I think that Adam and Adrian could very well win this week, but I can't think of who'd be going out, because each team did great this week. Hmm...guess we'll have to wait and see. But while we wait, anyone care to venture a guess?


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