SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 7

This week on The Apartment: Design Your Destiny, the final four were given their biggest challenge yet - Luxury on a Budget! With only $2000 to spend, the teams were asked to design a guest room. The teams also had a chance of finding some treasure if they figured out the riddle.

The riddle was a bit like WTF? I couldn't figure it out. Then Yvette & Sonia and Per & Nara figured out that they needed to run to April and Jen's house! There, Laurence gave them access to the "treasure:  The latest collection from House of Laurence. Contestants were saying that the collection was really flamboyant, so half of the luxury concept is done, but the teams still had a lot of work to do. Deankie said it best: Luxury and small budget just doesn't work.

And then the teams were told that they were moving to a new house...and moving in together! Seriously? Please note that this is the first time that teams had to deal with stairs. I remember Phil and Eva telling us how lucky we were this season to have a one-storey home to decorate. I guess they spoke too soon! The stairs are a big factor because the increased exhaustion can be incredibly distracting. I really do hate stairs, can you tell?

The shopping was really exciting this week. I really love the warehouse...why do I not know where that is? I'm making some calls to producers in a bit. However, when you have limited time, the abundant choices and the disorganization can get pretty darn overwhelming!

Central market is probably one of my most favorite places in Kuala Lumpur. I love that it was featured on the show! I've found some treasures there before, so that definitely fit in with the theme of the show.

So, how did the teams do?

Let's get the winners out of the way (yes, that's in plural!):

Per and Nara's room really stood out this week. That is a bedroom I'd like to have! And I have to disagree with the guest judge - if they went with the same tone as the wall, it wouldn't have been classy. It would have been boring. I love that they had a bit of funk in their room with that paint color. Very nice!

Now, as for Deankie and Tiara, I did like some of the pieces (especially that armoire!) and I love them for the same reason Laurence does: they are artisans as well as designers. They put their touch on everything, which is really inspiring. But the room as a whole just seemed a bit...cluttered.

So which teams were in the bottom two this week?

Week 7's bottom two: Adam & Adrian, Yvette & Sonia

I thought that Yvette and Sonia did do too much, and this is SO unexpected from them! They usually keep things really subtle and classy. They took a risk with all that wallpaper, and it did not pay off. This marks the first time they these two have been in the bottom two.

See how classy?
I liked Adam & Adrian's room...aside from that wall, of course. The funny thing is, I think the teal wall with wood panels was brilliant! And I thought Adrian's troubleshooting for his botched sponging was excellent! If you f*ck up when sponging with a light color on your dark base color, use your base color over bits you want to fix. Obviously, it didn't completely remove the problem. But it was a good idea nonetheless.

So who is out this week?

Umm...no one. That's right, no one went home this week! I don't know what to make of this. There are only three episodes left, and four teams left. The math doesn't really add up. I have an idea of what might happen...anyone else? Can't wait for next week's episode to see if my guess is right!

As the episode drew to a close, the teams were reunited with their loved ones. As usual, I cried. I hope that being reminded of their reasons for being in the competition will boost their morale a little bit!


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