SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 5

I will be the first to tell you that I do NOT have a green thumb. So this episode definitely did not get me as excited as Jamie D (he talks about plants the way I talk about Tom Hiddleston - overly enthusiastic and breathlessly enamored).
Design Brief 
We know you've been cooped up in-doors for the past few challenges, so it is time to take you outside and smell the roses. This weeks challenge is what's considered the outdoor room, the Garden. The Garden compliments the home by being an extension of the interior and may provide as a sanctuary. 
You have 17 hours to complete this challenge. You have a budget of just $7,500 to go with your 8 hours of handy man time.
The episode begins with a surprise for Deankie and Tiara: this week, they were helped out by none other than last season's winning team, Phil and Iva! I can't emphasize enough how priceless this help is. Not only are Phil and Iva the overall winners from last year, but they were actually the winners for the garden challenge last season! They live on a boat, and have a real knack for all things nature, so this is very much their forte. D & T got real lucky on this one!

But not all the teams are feeling the love this week. Ines and Jennifer found it hard to see eye-to-eye, which led to a few tears shed between them. Per and Nara also couldn't really get along this week, but it looked like blood was going to be shed instead of tears.

Adam and Adrian were saved from elimination last week, and seemed more determined than ever to win the competition. I LOVED the fact that they used wood on the walls - definitely going to steal that idea for my future home (not that I'm planning to have much of a garden...).

Sarah and Brian went with a Balinese theme garden, which I have a soft spot for. They got a lot of flak for placing a fountain in the middle of the garden, but I really didn't see a problem with it (although Adrian was onto something when he said it'd be dangerous for kids).

Yvette and Sonia did their chic thang with the garden, which I thought was actually pretty charming. I could see my girlfriends and I sipping lemonade and having SATC-style brunches there. Per and Nara had a real "party hard" garden that also, interestingly, had a little play area for little ones. According to Per, kids need a safe spot to play in while mama sleeps off a hangover, LOL.

Onto the results!

First of all, let's get the winners out of the way:

Way to go, Adam and Adrian! Can't keep a good man (or good men) down. They totally deserved this win. This goes to show that people can really surprise you if you give them a second chance.

Now, let's see who's in the bottom two:

At this point in the competition, I'm sure it's hard for judges to pick the bottom two every week. Every team is churning out really good results, so no one is "bad" at design. But Sarah and Brian DID NOT deserve to be up for elimination at all! Frankly, I thought the winning team was going to be a toss-up between Adam & Adrian and Sarah & Brian. To be fair, Per and Nara didn't do great, but again, it wasn't awful...although the hanging plants were a little bit of a mess!

Aiyo, the hanging plants.
In the end, the team that said goodbye to their chances of winning a home was Sarah and Brian :( They did not deserve to go home this week, and I'm still upset by the results. My mother, usually graceful and polite, began yelling at the TV when Laurence announced that The Chens were out. 

Well, things are definitely going to get tougher next week with only five teams remaining in the competition. Who are your favorites for the win??


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