SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 4

Finally! This week's challenge is the living room! The living room is one of my favorite spots in any home (apart from the kitchen), simply because a living room is the hub for any family home. It's a place to gather and share joy and laughter, and to binge on your favorite TV shows during weekend marathon screening sessions (our family's poison of choice: Suits. Typical for a family full of lawyers, huh?).
This week's challenge is to create a fabulous living room, one of the most important rooms of the house. We are expecting your designs to be jaw-dropping, so your theme is art. You must embody the style of an iconic artist and draw inspiration from their work, like the painting you see in front of you: 
Pearlyn + Nara: Leonardo Da Vinci
Yvette + Sonia: Andi Warhol
Bryan + Sarah: Pablo Picasso
Deankie + Tiara: Vincent Van Gogh
Adam + Adrian: Claude Monet
Ines + Jennifer: Dali
As collaboration is a big part of interior design it will be part of your criteria this week to work with your next-door neighbours for this challenge. Each team must pair up with another and decide on the work allocation, how you divide time between both homes is completely up to you. You have 15 hours to complete the challenge with a budget of just $10,000, 6 hours of handy man time. 

The choices of artists for each time was interesting, and seemingly deliberate on the judges' part. I mean, Andy Warhol for Yvette and Sonia? And Leonardo Da Vinci for Per and Nara? Y'all really want to challenge the contestants this season, don't you?? And just to make things a little easier (or, more likely, challenging) teams were paired up. This had...interesting results, to say the least ;)

Brian and Sarah paired up with Deankie and Tiara. I love what the Chens said about D & T - they really seem like siblings, even though they're not. That was my first thought when I met them too. I think they even look alike!

Per and Nara paired up with Yvette and Sonia. I don't know if you remember, but they were the shared winners of last week's challenge. I immediately thought that this would be a very interesting mash-up of tastes and talents.

Lastly, the beauty queens Ines and Jennifer were paired with the only all-boy team in the competition - Adam and Adrian. This proved to be a very good thing for at least two people involved ;) I think it's about time that sparks fly on the show! Way to go, Adrian and Ines (although Adrian, you are SUCH a cheeseball, I could not stop simultaneously cringing and laughing at your pick-up lines, lol).

This week, the Color Reader by Dulux really helped the contestants. The app allows you to upload your favorite art, and gets you the exact colors from the uploaded image. So cool! You can get it here by clicking on "Tips and Tools" and downloading the Color Reader Application.

Some of the contestants did pretty amazing stuff this week - Brian's bookshelf and Yvette and Sonia's Kim K art were standout pieces for sure. I would totally buy that bookshelf, Brian! (Although it appears I'd have to fight with Jamie and Laurence for it).

Brian's bookshelf was AMAZING.

Very clever Warhol-esque art
This week's design court has got to be the most intense one to date. The winners for this week were pretty clear - Deankie and Tiara totally deserved to win! They demonstrated incredible sophistication, and stayed true to the design brief without being too literal about it. Coincidentally, The Starry Night by Van Gogh is my favorite painting :) So this room really spoke to me on a personal level as well.

LOVE that cloud shaped decoration. I MUST HAVE IT.

The bottom two were Ines & Jennifer, and Adam & Adrian. I was boo-ing at the TV screen because, come ooooonnnnnn, we're just about to see a romance bloom, and now you're gonna tear the happy couple apart? WHY??

Adam and Adrian's room, inspired by Monet

Ines and Jennifer's room, inspired by Dali

Also, I love Laurence, but gosh he seemed extra mean this week. Sure, their rooms weren't great, but they weren't that bad. My dad was laughing and saying, "See what happens when you're distracted??". Ish, no sense of romance at all. Also, Adam's expression actually made me cry (ya, ya I know...I cry every week one, no surprise there), and what happened next made me cry even harder.

Laurence announced that Adam and Adrian were going home this week, but just as they were about to hang up their keys, Jamie went rushing out to them to tell them they were going to be saved, so they'll be staying another week. Hooray! WHY SO DRAMATIC THOUGH. Jeez. Poor Adam, I just wanted to pat him, his expression was so heartbreaking.

The boys caught a lucky break this week.
Will they be as lucky next week?
So that rounds up Glam Mama's review of Episode 4 of The Apartment. No one's going home this week, but I feel like something big is gonna happen next week...after all, the judges did mention that Deankie and Tiara will also get another reward that will make itself known in the future. I wonder what that is? Well I guess I'll just have to tune in to Star World this Sunday at 9.45pm to find out!


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