SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 3


This week, contestants were asked to design the Entertainment Room - it's a pretty small room which has a door leading to the backyard, so the lack of space itself is a challenge. Adding to the challenge is the design brief: contestants needed to base their designs off of StarWorld's characteristics. Each team had their own take on it, and some were actually very literal about it.
Challenge/Design Brief: This week you will be designing the entertainment room. Your challenge is to create a space that incorporates the latest entertainment technologies and make it StarWorld worthy. 
You must now choose one of the StarWorld trademark characteristics from the list below to incorporate into your design: 
  • Vibrant summer colours
  • Sophisticated
  • Chic
  • Fun
  • Attitude
  • Aspirational
These trademarks, with bold and bright colours embody what StarWorld is all about… so don't hold anything back!
I don't know his name, but
I'm calling him Mr. Distraction from now on
Now that they're three weeks in, the remaining teams are starting to get a lot more handy. Nara was very pleased with her drilling skills (as she should be!) and Deankie created an amazing film-strip wall installation all by himself (with some help from the hunky Australian consultant that Jamie has so generously invited to the show...much to Nara's delight, apparently).

Speaking of Nara, it seems that cracks are beginning to show between Nara and her teammate Pearlyn. While their point of contention may not be that serious of an issue to the general public, I can tell you right now that the pressures of the competition can pretty easily cause you to overreact to things you'd normally be pretty cool with. I totally felt for Per and Nara this week, but I hope they can kiss and make up before next week! We need more hilarious one-liners, girls.

Now let's get into the nitty-gritty - who won, who lost? Well, it turns out that this week, the answers aren't that easily explained!

First of all, we have TWO challenge winners! Yvette and Sonia were chosen as the winners (their second challenge win), but then Laurence interjected and announced that Per and Nara were also winners this week. Yay! For the first time this season, I truly agree with the judges' decision.

Pearlyn and Nara did a fantastic job with their room. The color was sexy, the vinyl records on the wall were sexy, the huge blow up poster of them was sexy...the entire thing was just so incredibly sexy. I LOVED it! More than anything though, this room is so...them. 

Yvette and Sonia did their usual classy thing, but this time they really went literal with the theme. They used American Idol (my favorite show!) as an inspiration for the room. Between the blue and white, as well as the awesome karaoke system, I think that the win was definitely well-deserved.

However, every week we have to say goodbye to one team, and this week two of my favorites were in the bottom two: Brian & Sarah, and April & Jen. I honestly think that their designs were good, but as the judges said, the standards are getting higher, and I guess these two teams just did not do as well as the others.

Brian & Sarah's entertainment room
When Brian and Sarah started bawling, though, I cried right with them. I agree with the judges - these two have heart. A lot of it. I really liked their room, there were some awesome details that I'd definitely incorporate into my own home someday. Which is why it's hard for me to fathom why they were in the bottom two!

April & Jen's entertainment room
In the end, it was April and Jen who had to hang up their keys and go home. I can totally relate to what they said about joining the competition in the spirit of something new. We'll miss you, girls!


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