SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 2


When the episode began with all the contestants finding that week's brief in the bathroom, I knew it was going to be an interesting week! And how right I was.

Designing a bathroom is a pain in the butt. Painting tiles are a pain in the butt. But, the biggest pain in the butt of all: a design brief that requires you to decorate based on different eras!
As if this wasn't difficult enough, the teams needed to complete their rooms in 12 hours (making it a rapid challenge!), with a budget of just $4000. That shiz be cray cray, y'all.
The Bathroom:
One of the most frequently visited rooms in the house. You must choose your theme based on one of the following period styles:
The Roaring 20's
1950's Hollywood Heydey
1960's Groovy Era
1970's High Camp Kitsch
There were some really interesting designs this week. I love how we're starting to see some signature styles among the contestants, such as Brian and Sarah's fondness for Malaysian trinkets, and Deankie and Thiara's sleek and minimalist aesthetics. Another thing that stood out to me? All the RED! Warm colors everywhere! I seem to remember a team being bashed quite a bit for that last week...*cough cough*

Speaking of getting bashed, let's talk design court! 
One of the comments that really stood out for me this week was by Laurence about Yvette and Sonia being "soulless". While I think that was a little bit harsh, my mother said it best: their bathroom was a little bit "show-homey" and (I quote) "Pinterest copy paste". I appreciate their design aesthetics though. Their bedroom that made them winners last week had that kind of slick modern look about it as well. But I do agree that it's about time that they need to up the ante and inject their own personal charm into their designs.

Per and Nara's bathroom
To me, there was one standout room this week - Per and Nara's bathroom. Absolutely stunning! They were in the bottom two with us last week, and for them to show up after that with this gorgeous 20s-themed bathroom the week after being in the bottom two almost makes me feel okay that they got to stay in the competition ;) I thought the finished design was fun, spunky, sexy, and very Great Gatsby-ish. Also, no stripper poles anywhere to be seen! LOL. Jokes aside, I honestly think they should have won this week.

However, the winners were Ines and Jennifer, who went above and beyond in their execution - they took a great big risk in creating those custom stickers with their initials on it, and it paid off. The chandeliers and gold-framed mirrors added to a funky luxe feel, and while I loved Per and Nara's design, I can't fault the judges for giving them the win this week. They worked damn hard on that bathroom, and it shows.

Love that Audrey Hepburn portrait, ladies!
Look at those stickers. Excellently done.
Those chandeliers are to die for!
Ultimately, Priyanka and Vineet's 20s Hollywood theme and April and Jen's 60s groovy theme landed them in the bottom two. I could see why the judges did that - I think that while these teams set out with great ideas, the execution just wasn't on point. In the girls' case, particularly, I could feel their frustration when they realized their vision was just not coming into fruition. 

Priyanka and Vineet's bathroom
April and Jen's bathroom
In the end, Priyanka and Vineet were eliminated for their bathroom which was "a series of bits and pieces that have been rather thrown in the space", according to Laurence. I legit cried when Priyanka cried. This sweet couple were our neighbors in the competition and were always so so sweet to each other and everyone around them. Welcome to the eliminated club, neighbors! 

We also saw some drama start brewing this week. Yvette and Sonya were a little annoyed when Ines and Jennifer showed up unannounced (and uninvited) to check out their winning bedroom. Then, to make things worse, Ines and Jennifer were given a chance to take $1000 out of another team's budget to use next week - and they chose to take $1000 away from Yvette and Sonya. Uh-oh. Dramarama! 

The bromance between Adam and Adrian seems to be cooling off as well. My dad's favorite team (he loves their frat boy antics) get along well generally it seems, but this week Adrian's aloofness seemed to really frustrate Adam. Let's hope they can find a way to work together in the coming weeks so we can see more awesome six packs interior designs.

Which was your favorite room this week? Do you think the Bollywood dream couple should have been eliminated?


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