I wasn't really planning on going to ChurpOut 2013, but my SIL Aidah mentioned that she wanted to go, so I figured we make it a family day out. Best decision ever!

Yeah, Afraz wasn't in the best mood.
I'm familiar with Setia Park because I'm always at Setia City Mall (say hi if you ever see me there!), so I knew that it'd be really really hot...and I was right. According to my iPhone, it was 31°C. According to the sweat dripping down my back, and my children's red faces, it was about a million °C.

I wish we could've checked out every booth in detail, but between the heat and the kids' crankiness, it really just wasn't do-able. I was very glad to bump into a familiar face, though!
Forgot to take pic from my phone!
Photo credit: bobostephanie.com
Bobo and I studied in the US together, and I swear she hasn't aged a day since then. So jelly la! (Note to self: stalk Bobo's blog and follow her entire beauty regime).

Some highlights of the day include my awesome bazaar buys (which includes a 90s skirt and awesome camo pants); playing charades with Aidah so we could get discount coupons from FashionValet (I'm great at charades, seriously you need me on your team if you're playing charades); awesome vouchers in the ChurpOut gift bags; hanging out on the Doof bean bags strewn across the field; and checking out the awesome selection of the latest fashions by vendors like Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak.

The folks at the FashionValet booth were kind enough
to give the kids balloons. Amazing folks there!
It got ridiculously hot after about an hour, though, and the bubble tea I had gotten the kids as a bribe was just not cutting it anymore. Luckily on the way back to the mall, a very clever Pakcik Aiskrim had set up his business, so I got the kids ice cream and it was all good.

Post-ice cream glee.

My one suggestion is for future events to have more kid-related activities (think about it: parents will have more time and peace to shop around when their kids are happy) and please please please have an ice cream or ais kacang booth or something. Notes for #churpout2014 ;p


  1. I love those chunky rings! And noted on Setia Mall... if we ever swing by there during a holiday back home, I will keep a look out for you *LOL*

    1. Yeah, these rings are my go-to accessories right now! Setia City Mall is totally worth a visit next time you're back - they playground is the best in town. In fact, sometimes we go there just to play at the playground, haha.


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