Big things are happening for Glam Mama!

I know I've been very bad about updating this blog (apart from my weekly reviews of The Apartment: Design Your Destiny!) but I promise you I have a good excuse for it:

Guess who has a book deal??!
(Hint: She loves exclamation marks, her sons, and blogging on this very blog)

This whole thing came about really quickly, but when I really think about it, this book has been about 5 years in the making. In recent years, I've met with a lot of buds in the publishing industry, created an outline for the book, thought about the details of my awesome book launch...but never had the guts to actually pitch my book to a publisher. So it took a publisher approaching me to get the ball rolling!

I met Oon Yeoh, an editor at MPH Publishing and sifu of all things new media, at a social media seminar about 3 years ago. Three weeks ago, I responded to one of his Tweets, and a few minutes later I got a DM asking me if I was interested in writing a book. Of course, I said YES! We met not too long after that to knock out some details, and just last week I pitched the idea to the rest of the team at MPH including Sze Mei, Lilian, and Joanne.

I'm super excited about this! I'm about a quarter-way through the writing the book right now, and it's definitely turning out to be tougher than I thought to find time to write. But I did it before for a 30,000-word thesis, so I'm sure I'll be able to do this once I get into the groove! Suffice to say, the blog will be neglected just a little bit while I write this book. I apologize in advance!

So what's this book about, you wonder? Well...the picture above is a huge hint, hahaha. 

That's right, I'll be writing a guidebook on babywearing! It's something I'm passionate about, and a topic that is still surrounded by confusion (I'm not naming names, but several people in the above photo thought that "babywearing" had something to do with baby mittens and clothes, LOL), so I'm glad that I can play a part in introducing it to the larger (read: mainstream) population.

We're trying to get the book out ASAP, but in addition to the actual writing, there are a lot of details that still need to be sorted out. I will need YOUR help, dear reader, in sorting out some of these details, so please check back so you stay updated on opportunities to get involved!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I too over use the exclaimation mark. God speed your book writing process and pray no writer's block.

    1. Thank you! Gotta love the exclamation marks, hahaha.

  2. So exciting! And that is the perfect subject for you. Look forward to any updates on the developments of this massive project, though I know you will be busy.

    1. Thank you! I'm gonna try my best to chronicle the journey here, though this book is keeping me busier than I though it would. Loving every second, though ;)


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