The Belly on The Apartment

There's a picture that I've been thinking about a lot lately. Frankly, I've been obsessing about it. This picture is publicly available, and yet something that I wish were buried deep deep underground, never to be seen again. I'd also like the MIB to delete any memory of this picture from the minds of those who were unlucky enough to see it (for their sake, not mine).

The picture I'm talking about is this one:

People will be forgiven for seeing this picture and happily congratulating me on my pregnancy.

A part of me wants to say:
"Normal lah, I've been pregnant twice what! I'm a single mother who doesn't have time to visit the gym! I used to have a concave belly, I swear!"
But the truth is more like this:
"My name is Adriana and I am addicted to pasta."
I don't know what it is. Is my belly really that f*cking big? Is this just a really REALLY bad angle? Should I blame the photographer? What about the person who decided this was the picture going on the Internet for whole damn world to see?

The weird thing is, check out this photo:

The Belly doesn't seem too bad there. So maybe it's the outfit? I don't know. This should probably make me want to insaf and do crunches or something...but nope, it's not *she says while munching on mac & cheese...with extra cheese of course*

Aside from me being a hot mess, I'm pretty excited about The Apartment. So y'all better set your reminders to 9.30pm on September 29, and tune into StarWorld (not HD unless you want to me blinded by The Belly, apparently).

For those of you wondering why the heck I'd publish that awful picture, well, I figure that if you stare at something long enough, it stops making sense and thus The Belly won't be that big of a deal (pun entirely intended).

(Sigh...just leave me and The Belly be).



  2. It's the outfit, and the angle, and the big fan yang tiup kuat sangat sampai boleh buat curves jadi over.
    You are gorgeous, macamana pun :)

    1. Hahahah big fan tu I tak terpikir! Tq Kak Millie xo

  3. Lol ok this ia too funny hahahahaha

  4. Lol ok this ia too funny hahahahaha

  5. LOL! Blame the photographer! And the angle! Seriously laughed like hell reading the "My name is Adriana and I am addicted to pasta." part lol.


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