#teamadrianazaria - How did we get here?

Now that we're thisclose to The Apartment's season premiere, I thought I'd share mine and Azaria's journey to get to this point.

A brief history on our friendship: we met in grad school, where we were both doing our Masters in Mass Communication. We weren't exactly instant friends, but we bonded over being betrayed (OMG so dramatic!) by a classmate, and found in each other an intellectual equal and strong team member. By the second semester, we were default teammates and good friends. I can honestly say I would not have done as well as I did in grad school if not for Azaria! And I like to think the feeling is mutual ;)

So, post-graduation, I received a call from her asking what I'll be up to in the next few months. I told her I wasn't entirely sure - I was rethinking my career, and feeling a little bit aimless, TBH. So she asked, "Do you know about a show called The Apartment?" and I replied that I did. We then found out that we were both fangirls, and Azaria mentioned that The Apartment was looking for audition videos...so naturally, we made ours the very next day.

That footage is off the Internet now, I think (thankfully), but we had a lot of fun making it. No expectations, really. But then a couple of days after that, the production team contacted us and asked us to join the stage auditions at the end of April - which we did!
That's me behind Chelsea and Alex, last season's runner up team.
I wish I could say that the audition went really well...but it didn't. We did okay, I guess, but we weren't exactly the crowd favorite. I really have to thank Justin Bratton, the hunkalicious emcee for the day, who did his best to hype us up to the crowd and - most importantly - to Jamie. In the end, we did get shortlisted, although probably only because it was Azaria's birthday, and you can't exactly reject a girl on her birthday, can you? (Note to all: this means you can't say no to me on Dec 6)

Now we're going to be on Season 3 of The Apartment (premiering this Sunday, 29 September, at 9.45pm only on StarWorld!) and we couldn't be more excited about the rest of this journey!

What are you guys looking forward to seeing this season? Drama? Suspense? Romance? Or just plain ol' good design?


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