SPOILER ALERT: The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - Episode 1



And with that, our journey ended just as it was beginning.

We ain't sad! Of course, it was disappointing (and slightly embarrassing) to be the first ones out. But we had so much fun in the one week we were on the show, and learned SO MUCH. I just know we could've learned more and improved if we could stay longer, but we're completely okay with the way things worked out. As Azaria says, "It was a great experience, and I hope I made my family and friends proud."

Painting was a complete pain in the butt
Lack of a closet aside (hahaha, I still laugh when I think about that!), we are actually very proud of our bedroom. We had a vision that was different (no purple anywhere to be seen) and we put in our personal touches on various items in the room. We also kept to our budget (which seemed to have been both a good and bad thing), so the bargain-hunting side of me was pretty excited about that. Trivia time: The frames that we used on the wall above our bed and on the staggered shelves cost only RM5 each!

The things we would've done differently, if we had a do-over:

Those freakin' curtains. Do not like!
  1. Buy a closet.
  2. Make our own curtains. I hate the curtains we bought with every fiber of my being!
  3. Buy bedside tables.
  4. Buy a closet.

I didn't realize how difficult the show was going to be. I'm no stranger to challenges, obviously. But I completely underestimated how much work had to go into the assignment - especially when it came to painting the walls! If I never paint another wall in my life, I would be quite happy!

Staining the staggered shelves
I also didn't consider the effect that being away from my sons would end up having on my performance. I was not allowed to speak to or see them the entire time that I was gone, which was incredibly difficult for me. Once, Jen made the mistake of asking me if I missed the boys, and I just started bawling, hahaha. Poor girl didn't know what to do.

Look at me just barely containing my excitement
upon seeing Laurence for the first time. No shame, no shame.
One unforgettable thing about the entire experience, however, was meeting the judges. I was completely, unabashedly, star-struck. And let me tell you, that Laurence is a man after my own heart! He gets a lot of flak for appearing unfair or mean, but he's just keeping it real, and I have to say that it's a quality I hugely admire in anyone. And I stand by what I said - he's a sexy male Mary Poppins whom I would gladly have as a "manny" to my boys. Laurence, if you're ever looking for alternate employment, you know who to call!

Photo Credit: The Apartment FB Page
I miss the other contestants, but I am super psyched to see what else they end up doing this season. I have my eye on one or two pairs that I think can definitely make it to the end. How about you? Any favorites so far?

Phil & Iva (last year's winners) totally made me smile with their comments about our room!

Glam Mama will continue writing about each episode this season. Keep checking back if you want the lowdown on The Apartment: Design Your Destiny - this includes backstage goss, reviews, and a bunch of exclusive content!



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