Review: Juvanex Cleanse

I got done with the Juvanex cleanse a week ago, and I promised to share my experience with you, but I kept forgetting! Sorry! So, finally, here it is:

Day 1:
Weight – 57kg / 125.6lbs
A quarter slice of pear, and two scoops of Juvanex for breakfast. Needed to poop about 20 mins after breakfast. This is to be expected, or so I’m told by my fellow Detoxistas (we find ways to make things like this fun…naming ourselves is one of those ways). Snacked on fruits, sunflower seeds and almonds the whole day.

Day 2:
Being a vegetarian is not bad at all. Did pretty well today.

Day 3:
Still a vegetarian. Hating it a bit.

Day 4:
Birthday party. Ate the best rainbow cake in the world. No regrets!

Day 5:
Ate lots of fruits and veges…but accidentally ate 2 slices of pepperoni pizza for dinner. Oops.

Day 6:
Ate lots of fruits and veges…but accidentally ate a plate of white rice with chicken adobo for dinner. Oops again.

Day 7:
Weight – 54kg! / 119lbs
Capatti for breakfast, lots of veges and nuts

I CANNOT believe I lost weight! I am willing to bet it was all poop weight, coz I had to…err…expel every morning. Gotta remember to keep stuffing myself with lots of fiber from now on. If being regular means being slim, I'm in!

I didn't follow the recommended diet religiously, and apparently I didn't have to anyway, but now that I see the weight loss, I kind of regret not following it all the way through. Oh well. I snacked on sunflower seeds and almonds each day, which meant that even the bad meals I had were usually not in large servings because I was partially filled up by the bird food nuts.

I think I’d do it again, maybe like after a week-long visit to my hometown or something (for the record, that's Kelantan, where they have the best food in Malaysia and I am guaranteed ample weight gain at every visit). My one beef (lol) with this program is that I didn’t have enough energy to work out. I get that it’s a cleanse, and its not meant to be long-term, but I hated feeling so lethargic. I don't work out all the time, but I really wanted to get fit now that Raya season is over, and I had to put that off the whole week because I was just so damn tired the whole time.

I am glad, however, for my new tolerance acceptance of vegetables! I used to only eat salads drenched in Caesar dressing, but now I happily eat them on their own. I still prefer fruits, though, so I'm gonna keep up with that. I am not really a junk food fan, so I'm not sure a detox program like this would have much of an effect for me personally, but I really appreciated the side effect of no longer being constipated! (There is no semblance of glamour in this post at all, I am aware).

Verdict: 4/5

Didn't like the lack of energy, but loved the weight loss!


  1. I am so gonna try this after confinement! But for day 1 and 2, fruits only? I'd be effing starving if I'd be only allowed to eat fruits for 2 days :(

    1. Noooo! Eat at much as you can when breastfeeding, love. No diets (and no need for know I call breastfeeding "natural liposuction" right? LOL)

    2. OMG! I totally forgot abt that! I was so caught up with my mother in law telling me to do this and that that I totally forgot about what you told me in class! Having a mother in law stresses me out that I tend to forget everything LOL!

  2. Hi Adriana. Do u want to try collagen drink? BBplus collagen by Hai O. Collagen from fish

    1. Hi! I can't take body/skin doesn't react well to it :( I'll be old and wrinkly before my time, huhuhu.

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