Review: Eyelash extensions!

So the other day, I was getting my eyebrows threaded (the only way to get your eyebrows shaped perfectly, in my opinion) and the lady - upon seeing my sad, barely-there lashes, mentioned that they do eyelash extensions.

I've been wanting to get my lashes done for about a year now, but was always really scared. I don't know why exactly. I think I was worried about the pain, and I also figured it'd all drop off the next day or something (I was right about one of these assumptions, btw).

Anyway, I finally decided to take the plunge!

Cost: RM150
Duration: About an hour
Sheela's Beauty Studio
No. 49-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603-22820204 / +6010-2476779

Step 1: Taping off the bottom lashes
This felt really weird. Already my eyes were tearing up! Also, I'm aware this isn't the most flattering picture ever, hahaha.

Step 2: Putting the lashes on
There was no pain at all. I've used falsies before, so it felt just like that, except with tiny clusters of lashes instead of one entire strip of eyelash. I thought that they'd apply lashes one at a time, and not in clusters, so I was disappointed by that. I probably should have asked to see the lashes ahead of time.

Step 3: Wait for it to dry
Ok, so this is where the drama begins. I started the process at 4pm, and when I asked, they said it'd be done in half an hour. And they were right, it only took half an hour. What they didn't tell me was that I'd need to shut my eyes for a good half hour AFTER they were all done!

This is me, in my car, eyes burning. Ugh.
You can see how red my eyes, nose, and lips were.
That's how painful it was!
Well, I had to leave at 4.30pm because I did not want to be stuck in rush hour traffic heading home. So I left right after they were done putting the lashes on. And guess what? My eyes were f*cking BURNING! Seriously, I've done LASIK, I've had a corneal scratch...and none of these came close to the pain I was experiencing. I absolutely could not handle the sunlight, and I may or may not have started sobbing. Seriously, it was that bad. Then I realized that maybe the glue needed to dry up, so I put the air-conditioning at full blast and aimed it at my eyes...ahhhh, bliss! I couldn't believe it worked. Twenty minutes later, I was totally fine (and still in traffic. Typical.)

So, the tip I have for you is: Allocate an extra half hour AFTER the procedure to keep your eyes closed and let the glue dry. You're welcome. For the record, your eyes will still feel a little uncomfortable for a few hours, but that discomfort goes away, and you're left with fabulous lashes.

Now, onto the results:
Left: Before
Right: After

I actually really like it. I've always been happy with the length of my lashes, but I've never had thick lashes ala Kim K, and so I am really enjoying this! I do feel that it opens up my eyes. I haven't had to do much with eye makeup, in fact. So that's really fun :) The effect is particularly obvious when my eyes are closed, apparently:

One complaint: there are goops of glue on my lashes that look like polka dots. I don't know if this is normal, but I really don't like it. It's hard to capture on my iPhone, but you can kinda see it here:

It is easily camouflaged by eyeliner, which is what I've been doing, but there are days when I just don't want to put makeup on. Sigh. These lashes will last around 3-4 weeks according to the ladies at the salon. So far (four days later), two of the lash clusters have come off (I really should go in for a touch-up), but the rest seem to be holding on.

There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to taking care of your extensions: No hot water, no vigorous rubbing, no mascara. So I've been following all that because I am very kiasu and I want my lashes to stay on for as long as possible.

Since this is a review, I'll have to give my here goes...

Verdict: 3/5

They should have told me the procedure would take an hour, inclusive of the glue-drying period. I would have scheduled it for another day if they had informed me. I'm also not very happy with the gloopy dots on my eyelashes :( I won't be going back there to get my lashes done, BUT I definitely want to get eyelash extensions again! Any recommendations? I'm thinking Glitters at Empire Subang, because that's the only other place I can think of. But I can't find any reviews, so I'd really appreciate some recommendations from my lovely readers ;)

Update: At 2.5weeks, the lashes are all gone :( I feel so...bald!


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