NTV7 Press Conference for The Apartment

Photo credit: @ntv7 on Instagram
I was kindly invited to the NTV7 Press Conference for The Apartment yesterday, and it turned out to be a fantastic way to spend my Friday evening! I arrived at Sri Pentas too early (as usual), so not many people were actually there. It did, however, allow me to nosily investigate the area...and see the title sequence for the first time! (No, I can't show it here, sorry!)

That's Yennie and I...look at me
all prim and proper, LOL.
Arriving early allowed me to make some new friends and get some interviews done, so that was nice. I even got a nice chat in with Yennie from AkzoNobel, talking about PR and the challenges of practicing PR versus teaching it (I do not really miss practicing it, haha).

I love the "apartment" set up on-stage!

I was glad when the press conference finally did get underway at around 3.30pm, if only because I got to see Jonathan Putra in action ;)

The guests of honor included Riaz Mehta and Nicola McGregor from the Imagine Group (the folks who produce The Apartment); Emilya Abdul Rahim, Brand Manager of Special Projects and Events for NTV7; Dr Tan Kok Heng, Head of Strategic Development and Marketing for Sime Darby Property Berhad; Jeremy Rowe, Managing Director, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, South East Asia and Pacific; CW Goh, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Malaysia; Teo Lee Ming, Marketing Director of AkzoNobel Malaysia; and of course, The Apartment contestants from Malaysia! (That would be Brian Chen, Azaria, and I).

Photo credit: @NTV7 on Instagram
It was fun being on stage and answering questions (and being off-stage, still answering questions). I'm usually organizing press conferences, so I get how much hard work must've been put into this. Shoutout to K and the rest of the NTV/Media Prima folks who worked hard to get this done! The sponsors also deserve a lot of credit - quite a lot of people won stuff, including an entire room makeover worth RM2000 from Dulux.

A familiar face: Budi from budiey.com!
Can't forget to thank the members of the media who attended that day. They were all so nice to us!

View from the stage
She's a natural ;)
 At the end of the day, I was glad to spend a bit of time with Azaria...and get out of my heels!

Pantang nampak cermin k.

Don't forget that The Apartment will begin airing on NTV7 on October 5th at 9.30pm!

#teamMalaysia thanks y'all for your support!


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