Product Review: SHAiRÉ London Fragrance-Free Hair Perfume and Dry Shampoo

Remember how I wrote about my fondness of dry shampoo? I promised that I'd review the SHAiRÉ London Fragrance Free Hair Perfume and Dry Shampoo, so here it is!

What is with this double cap??
I still do not understand it.
My first thought when I received the dry shampoo was: "What's with this double cap situation??" - having two caps is totally pointless and, more importantly, a waste. Way to not go green, right? Packaging counts. SHAiRÉ needs to get with the game when it comes to that.

Then, the Great Big Leak happened. No, I did not leak anywhere - bless those Kegels - but this product did! I took it to my cousin's wedding about a week ago, because I knew my hair would be a sweaty mess after a few hours. So, midway through the very busy day, I reached into my bag to get the dry shampoo, and I was horrified to find my entire makeup bag flooded by the product! Half the bottle had managed to leak out...despite having TWO CAPS tqvm *rolls eyes*

My entire bag also reeked with the smell of the dry shampoo (which is, ironically enough, liquid). Don't get me wrong. The smell is pleasant, but it's kind of...manly. I was hoping for something a bit sweet or flowery, I guess. It has that typical hair product smell that I don't usually mind unless the smell basically attacks my nose every time I open my bag. This also means that it really isn't fragrance-free, despite what the bottle says.

It's really important to me that all my beauty products be portable. And this dry shampoo is so small, it would make sense to assume that it is meant to be portable. But I don't bring it anywhere with me now because apparently it leaks unless it is upright. Sigh.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty: how well did it work?

  • Second day hair was nicely refreshed. It didn't look freshly washed or anything, but it was enough to keep my hair from looking gross.
  • However, this product definitely did not help with a 3-day buildup of grease. Seeing as how I wash my hair every other day anyway, it didn't help lengthen the time period between hair washes for me. Which renders it pretty much useless.

Verdict: 3/5

FYI, I bought the dry shampoo from HiShop (whilst also resisting the urge to buy like a gazillion other things over there -- my wishlist there is about 100 products long. Generous friends may request to see said list). There is another dry shampoo by SHAiRÉ, but I'm still not sure I want to try it. So far, my RM10 dry shampoo powder works better than this RM35.90 "fancy" dry shampoo. Might as well stick to that for now.


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