Gift Of Love Bazaar

It was very warm on stage, thanks to the spotlight!
Photo credit: Lita 
I had a lot of fun at the Gift of Love Bazaar this past weekend! Don't get me wrong - I was not at all surprised. I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. But I just didn't expect it to be nothing short of EPIC! Michelle (one of the admins from The Breastfeeding Advocates Network) showed me around the event when I arrived, and I was completely blown away.

There were numerous vendors, all of which were smaller companies specializing in natural parenting products and services...a vast contrast to usual parenting expos and events that allow Big Milk and Plastic Diaper companies to take over most of the event space. There were activities for the kids, including a giant bouncy castle and a meet-and-greet with Iron Man and Spiderman. And, of course, there were many talks throughout the day, including the one by yours truly (with help from my good buddy and babywearing superhero Norashida, the president of Malaysian Babywearers).

We started off with a small crowd, but every minute a few more people would sit down. By the end, all the seats were taken, and people were really paying attention to what I was talking about.

It's always fun for me to talk about babywearing at anytime really, but there is always something extra special about explaining babywearing to people who have absolutely no idea what it's about. Seeing their eyes light up at the realization that babywearing is amazing...well, it's really something.

This is what I mean by Shida being a babywearing superhero.
Please note that preschooler Alya, who is being worn in a
Didymos Orient wrap here, is 4 years old.
Photo Credit: @lixanizam on IG

Right after the talk I helped the folks who came to the Mom's Little Ones' booth. It was great meeting moms and parents so eager to learn about babywearing. Each person who came had their own special situation (one couple had twins, and one mama had a preemie), which forced me to really come up with an ideal carrier that would suit their criteria. Its a great reminder for me, as an educator, that not all parents are the same, and there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to babywearing.

Sadly, due to another meeting I had to attend, I had to miss the rest of the events for the day - including the Simultaneous Breastfeeding :( But I heard it went well and the attendees broke the Malaysian record for Largest Number of Mothers Breastfeeding Simultaneously! Congratulations to everyone involved, particularly the incredibly passionate and dedicated people from the Gift Of Love Crew and TBAN!

As the year winds down, I expect that larger parenting expos will be few and far in between. So I am already planning some smaller events here and there with my fellow advocates and educators to keep y'all busy and educated ;) I'll be sure keep you all posted!


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