New Jumpsacbaby wrap at 10% off! Pre-order now!

I recently modeled the Honeycomb in That 70s Rainbow for Jumpsac Baby Slings with my nephew, Adli (AKA Mr Thunder Thighs!). The wrap is now available for pre-order with 3 variations - pale pink weft, violet weft, and espresso weft.

The wrap itself is quite supportive (I wish I had more time with it to really give it a final verdict). I carried my Afraz (14kg, 4 years old) in it for about 15mins, and it was perfectly fine. I'd say the cushiness factor is about mid-level...comparable to Storch stripes. Same goes for thickness...mid-level. Some people have asked me about my color preferences, so here goes:

  1. Espresso - The colors look extra vibrant
  2. Pale pink - For some reason, this weft makes the color look really shimmery!
  3. Violet - Pretty average

Adli was completely terrified of the afro, hahaha.

So there ya go! My mini-review for That 70s Rainbow. Clearer, true-color pictures of each weft can be found on the Jumpsacbaby website. Pre-order now to get it 10% for a limited time only! The wrap will arrive in about 2 months time (Sept/Oct 2013).


  1. WOwwwww.. dah besar dah anak teruna tu sekarang kan? Comelnya masa baby

  2. So that's you. Ha! Beautifully photographed.

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