Tips for all students, from high school to college, and beyond.

When you are sitting for an exam, here are some things you should do to ensure you do well:
  1. Read questions carefully – are you asked to list down answers? Are you asked to describe your answers in detail? Are you asked to provide examples? Plan your answers accordingly. When in doubt, INCLUDE something rather than leaving it out. You can’t get too MANY marks, you can get too little.
  2. Make sure you write down your points beforehand in the exam question paper. This way, you can plan your answer so it appears coherent, unlike the nonsensical crap I’ve had to mark all day.
  3. Make sure you handwriting is neat and big enough to read. No “cakar ayam” please.
  4. USE PARAGRAPHS. Walls of text makes examiners cry.
  5. Skip a line between paragraphs. White space is pleasing to the eye, and gives the examiner a chance to rest their eyes for a bit.
  6. Underline key points.
  8. Did I mention USE PARAGRAPHS?

I am in the midst of marking final exam papers right now, and as usual, I have with me a box of paracetamol, a vitamin C drink, and my BFFs on call for the times I need to vent about crap handwriting and those wretched walls of text. 

Pic credit: AGirlOnTheDoorstep

As a student, doing all of the above made sure that I got an A in all my exams. As an examiner, I’ve begged my students to abide by the tips so that exam marking can go smoothly (obviously there are quite a few that weren’t listening). I think this’ll be useful to anyone who is taking an exam anytime soon.

It is so very very simple, really: you want good grades? BE CONSIDERATE TO YOUR EXAMINER!


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  4. Hiya NNT, Jose here. Definitely sure you don't remember me anymore. I recently got hold of a dvd copy of our time in alam ria in tv3 storytelling competition back in 97. wanted to let you know you will be able to see it in youtube if you wish.
    Jose Ar Rahimin Abdul Rahim

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  5. hi Adriana, may I know if you have been able to get in touch with jose? I wanna ask her how to get a copy of my performance did back in my younger days . . .thanks!

    1. No, Alan, I couldn't get in touch with Jose :(

    2. ouch and sigh. thanks 4 replying though. happy new year!

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