This post talks about breastfeeding, breast cancer and (hunky) babes. You’re welcome.

We all know the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, but let's talk a little bit about what's in it for us mamas. Aside from the blessing of being able to look amazing without pushup bras (I swear I considered continuing to breastfeed just for this perk -- pun totally intended, btw), breastfeeding can also reduce your risk of breast and endometrial cancer.

That is pretty darn awesome to me. I mean, we do what we can to avoid carcinogens these days, right? A generation ago, most people did not know what that word even meant. (Before we go on, for those who still don't know, carcinogens are "substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue"). We eat organic foods, avoid pesticides in our gardens, and only use BPA-free plastics. Clearly, avoiding cancer is a top priority in the modern world. So it really is just incredibly convenient that we are able to decrease our risks of female-related cancers whilst doing something that’s equally beneficial to our babies. Makes perfect sense!

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And just to make it easier (and a little pleasant) for us to decrease our risk of getting breast cancer, the good folks at Rethink Breast Cancer has produced a FREE app called Your Man Reminder that sends you reminders to do your monthly breast the form of hot, hunky, and helpful hunks. I've downloaded it, and probably should too ;D

Here's the promo that made me get the app (mamas, you'll thank me for this, I'm sure ;p). Early detection is key when it comes to kicking breast cancer's ass, so be sure you're doing your monthly checks!

For iPhone:
For Android:

So, glam mama, what are you doing to prevent breast cancer? Leave a comment and share some nips...err, tips! (LOL...I crack myself up. I promise, that's the last one!).


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