"I express, like the best, from these holes in my chest"

I pop a nappy in his butt without a changing mat / CBeebies now my crew and I'm down with Postman Pat.

Sleep-deprived and under house arrest / Think I'd sell both my kidneys just to get some rest.

How many of us can relate to that?? This ad by Fiat is hilarious! I think the rapping mama pops some majorly relatable lines, haha. The accompanying footage is pretty funny too (real moms live in perpetual mess – don’t even try to deny it). 

So what do you think? Is this your reality? I sure as heck know that its 90% mine! LOL.


  1. Omg so true!!!! Btw, eating leftovers once you've stopped breastfeeding is a big no-no!!!!! Ever since I stopped bfing I've put on weight like there's no tomorrow. Sigh. Try and name me a workout and I can assure you I've tried it all. Lol!!

  2. LoL Iva - I am still eating like I'm nursing two. Terrible!


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