Carrot face! (or, how to make a carrot face mask)

Almost 4 months ago, we celebrated the new year, and some of us decided on making resolutions, yes? Most of them are doomed to failure (I will eat less cake! *BOOM* Your BFF's kid turns one and has a crazy awesome birthday party...with delicious red velvet cake). Some, however, are do-able. And maintainable. Among the life changes I've been making in 2013 is to take better care of myself inside & out, and to also reduce my household waste. Which is how I came upon this practice.

How many of you use juicers to make healthy home-made fruit/vege juice? What do you do with the pulp? I personally used to throw the pulp away. What a waste! So, I figure that from now on I'll use the pulp to make face masks! (Thus simultaneously reducing waste whilst taking care of my skin)

Here's a pic of me with my carrot face mask on:

The recipe:
The pulp of 4 large carrots
One egg white
Two table spoons of honey (I use buckwheat honey by my friend Anna in the US, but I'm sure any honey would be effective)

Directions for use:
Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. Slap it on. Seriously, you'll have to take small handfuls and slap it on your face. "Smoothing it on" is not an option here.


I apologize for not drying my hair before taking the picture. (My first pic here sans makeup! The horror!)

Have you tried making DIY face masks with fruit/vege juice pulp? Leave a comment or link to your own recipe!


  1. Oooh! Thanks Liz, I'll try that!

  2. I went through your blog and found important information thanks for sharing. waiting for further posts.If you can kindly go through my blog and suggest me or correct me anywhere I am wrong. It will be much appreciated.


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