Craft Time: Balloon Dragons!

Hey! Just wanted to share something crafty we did this afternoon. Inspired by something similar we saw on our recent trip to Bangkok, and also upon my recollection of having made Balloon Men when I was a kid, we decided to try our hand at making a Balloon Dragon!

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due - it was Aqil who came up with all the creative planning. He was the one that decided to make a dragon instead of a regular "man" when we realized we had accidentally bough heart-shaped balloons instead of round ones, and it was he who came up with the idea of attaching awesome wings. All I had to do was fill up the darn things with flour (which was NOT easy without a funnel!)

I can see us doing many variations of this using different materials - carboard spikes, yarn fur...imagine the possibilities. Hope you enjoy making them as much as we did!

Balloon Dragon
1 heart-shaped balloon
A bit of flour
Googly eyes*
Some paper for wings, and crayons/paint/pencils…anything you want to use to decorate the dragon*

1. Fill a heart-shaped balloon with flour (use a funnel, or a small teaspoon), and tie it up.
2. Paste on googly eyes (or draw them on)
3. Decorate your dragon with wings, spikes, eyelashes, polka dots, whatever you want! You could always draw on the wings instead of creating them like we did.

Note: We drew the wings with little tabs that we pasted onto the body with double-sided tape


  1. I also recently bought a pack of balloons that turned out to be heart-shaped ones by mistake.

    Please say thanks to Aqil for coming up with this clever idea on how to use these balloons.

  2. Hey! Yeah, we would have put them away and forgot all about them had he not come up with that. And he says thanks back for thanking him ;)

  3. Great post ... thanks for the info..!

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