Tonsillectomy :o

Guess what? I'm going in for a tonsillectomy tomorrow :( I've been suffering from tonsillitis my whole life, and over the years, doctors have recommended that I remove my tonsils, but I always put it off. This time I have no excuse, however - I'm no longer breastfeeding, my kids can be without me overnight, and (more important when it comes to timing), I'm on break for work and school for the next few weeks.

I am really really really nervous. I've never had to stay in the hospital for anything other than childbirth, and at least those times I'd get a cute baby at the end of all the pain. This time, the reward is not so clear...and all I can think of is the apparently horrible recovery process D: Anyway, wish me luck!

* This self-pity post is brought to you by many days without enough sleep due to nightmares about the surgery.

** Also, this will be my last post written with my tonsils intact. Hahahahahaha.


  1. InsyAllah everything would be fine .. just have a good rest .. ^^

  2. insya allah .pray for you..kalau kat labour room ok mesti yg ne ok.. get well soon!! inilah masanya berehat!!


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