Horlicks Advertorial, GCDC, meeting fellow glam mamas, and a newcomer!

Wow. Between the Royal Wedding & Osama's death, it's been a pretty crazy news week! I've got a small bit of news of myself to share: Aqil and I are in Female and Shape magazine!

We did the shoot several weeks ago. It's an advertorial for Horlicks (yum). It was Aqil's first shoot, and he was such a ham throughout! He charmed everyone, and I truly believe he thinks that the cookies and candies he got after the shoot, was payment for his services. Thanks to Azzura and the rest of the team for making us feel right at home, and thanks to my cousin Aiina, the one who tagged me on FB and thereby alert me to the fact that the ad was published!

Speaking of photoshoots, I had the great fortune of meeting Dynas Mokhtar - supermodel and celeb mom - at the Great Cloth Diaper Change bazaar a couple of weeks ago. Not only is she really nice, but she has fully breastfed her 1-year-old daughter, and will soon be opening a nursing-and-maternity wear line and store at The Curve. I'm very excited about this! If she's not the definition of a glam mama, I don't know who is! (Thanks Intan for the pic!)

Do check Hanz' blog and Cloth Diaper Malaysia for more updates and photos from the Great Cloth Diaper Change events. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the team for inviting me to such a well-organized and significant event. If anyone else is interested in having me over at your event on behalf of Malaysian Babywearers, don't hesitate to contact me :D

In addition to all this, yesterday (May 1, 2011) the world welcomed a newcomer - my cousin Aizat and his wife Lynn had their new baby boy (my cousin-nephew), Mohammad Dany Darwisy! Congratulations to them both!


  1. wah..comelnye awak.. mm awak ingat tak saya?? saya dok sebelah awak lepas awak bagi talk kat great cloth diapers change tue.. saya ada put your picture here.. bolehkan??


  2. Hi! Yes of course I ingat you :D I Ok je you put my pic. Thank you, dear ;)

  3. apa kata awak bagi tips utk comel macam awak..pakai makeup apa etc etc.. saya ada baca tp itu entry lama.. mayb sekarang dah tukar alat solek..hehe.. saja nak tambah workload u ..ekeke

  4. congrats on the ad adrin and aqil...you both look fab..as usual:)

  5. Adeii...memang saja nak tambahkan workload I!! I mmg ada niat nak buat video tutorial ke apa, tapi segan sebenarnya...hehehe...

    Shereen, thank you so much dear :D

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