Dynas' new maternity and nursing wear collection - store opening next Wednesday!

Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that Dynas Mokthar is opening a new nursing and maternity wear store? Well it's opening next Wednesday! I'm pretty excited to see how far DNA (Dynas Nursing Attire) goes. I've seen some of the pieces in the collection, and she definitely has some really nice nursing and maternity wear to offer Malaysian mamas! Maternity and nursing wear is such a niche market, and not a lot of vendors cater to us, so I am pretty psyched about this.

I'm tellin' ya, up until Afraz weaned a couple of months ago, I practically LIVED in nursing wear! Think I'm exaggerating? Well, let's just say there are a few nursing wear vendors who know me personally at this point, that's how often I buy from them  *blush* Anyhoo, now anytime any new vendors come up on my radar, I make sure to beep it out to as many mamas as I can.

I know for a fact that one of the biggest challenges in breastfeeding is developing the ability to nurse discreetly in public. Fact is, babies aren't so keen on waiting for their mamas to reach the nursing room in order to nurse. Whenever hungry babies  cry, they are saying the same thing: "I want nenen NOW!!!". That's where nursing wear comes in - it allows for discreet breastfeeding on the go. Pair that with breastfeeding while babywearing, and nursing in public becomes an absolute breeze! Trust me on this - I wouldn't have been able to nurse as long as I had, and have so much fun doing it, if I didn't have these tools at my disposal!

But of course, now that I'm no longer breastfeeding, more cute nursing clothes have come up. Sigh. Well if y'all are free next Wednesday, they are having a special store opening sale from 5pm to 9.30pm, so be sure to check it out. I'll be there at some point in the evening, so if you see me, come say hi!


  1. The collection is gorgeous! Definitely worth checking out :)

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