Breastfeeding while Babywearing - in a Back Carry! Must See!

OK, so in my last post, I mentioned that I found something during my research for breastfeeding while babywearing, that is a true must-see. Well, HERE it is.

Basically it’s a tutorial on how to breastfeed while wearing your baby…in a back carry! I don’t know about you, but I never even considered the notion until I saw that site! And of course, always up to a new challenge, I immediately wanted to try it out. And here are a few pics as proof of my success:

Breastfeeding in a Back Carry - Mei Tai

Breastfeeding in a Back Carry - Liza's SSC, on loan to me :)

 Breastfeeding in a Back Carry - Sanaa's Raspberry Ellipsen SSC,
on TT with my Maruyama (this one is so gorgeous in IRL!)

My “review” of this technique:
  1. It was easier than I thought it would be. As with most babywearing techniques, it took me about two tries to get comfortable with it.
  2. It is not an entirely hands-free way of breastfeeding in a carrier. I had to use one hand to hold Afraz’ head, as he ended up in a football hold.
  3. This is not a very discreet way of nursing in public. With some more practice, I might be able to figure out a way to make it more discreet, I suppose. But every time I tried it, it looked really obvious that I was breastfeeding.
  4. The trickiest part was getting the carrier back on after I was done breastfeeding. I had to look for the strap again, put it back on, bounce a little to get Afraz situated properly. So that part needs a bit more practice.
My aim now is to be able to do this in all two-shoulder carriers (for one-shoulder carriers like pouches and ring slings, it is easy to get your baby from a back carry to a front carry to breastfeed). I’ve tried the mei tai and SSC, so next on the list are wraps :D

I will do a picture tutorial soon, once I can get someone to take pics of me doing it. Frankly, the only time I would nurse in a back carry is if I was alone at home, so I don't know how I'll go about doing that! Maybe if I got off my butt and looked for the camera remote...or someone volunteered to take pics for me...hehehe...


  1. I admit it looks impressive, I'm going to stand with my first impression which is mainly impractical. I think it would be much more comfortable for both mom and baby with a front or hip carry while nursing and for an experienced babywearer that coudld manage this (like you) it would only take about 2 minutes tops to remove him, switch to front/hip and have him latched more comfortably and hands free, as well as discreet. So although awesome job for you to pull it off, I dunno.... LOL

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