Babywearing at Fiesta Kajang

First of all, sorry for not blogging so long! The past few weeks have been all about work, work, kids, work, work, aaaand... work. So I didn’t have a lot to blog about!

However, last weekend, in a pleasant break from my routine, I had the privilege of giving a talk on behalf of Malaysian Babywearers in conjunction with the launch of World Breastfeeding Week at Fiesta Kajang. Thanks to SusuIbu for inviting us! Since it was for World Breastfeeding Week, I figured I would talk about Breastfeeding While Babywearing :D

As usual, I enjoyed educating people about the joys of babywearing. But this time it was extra special because I got to combine two things I’m passionate about – babywearing AND breastfeeding. I started off with a brief into about babywearing, and the benefits of breastfeeding while babywearing (more on that later). Then onto the fun part – the demonstrations of techniques for breastfeeding while babywearing, by the lovely babywearing mothers of Malaysian Babywearers!

Thanks to all the volunteers who were there! It was really really really hot, I sped through the talk so that the babies didn't get too cranky. The moms were such sports, though. They were all open to mock-breastfeed in their carriers onstage :) Speaking of breastfeeding while babywearing….during my research for the talk, I came across an interesting link. I will be blogging about that link soon, and believe me, you will want to know about it! ;D Till then, have a glamorous day!


  1. hi dear, so nice to read a new entry from you and look forward to the mentioned link...have a restful weekend

  2. thank you, dear...i'm just glad to have a bit of time to blog! hope you have a fabulous weekend too :)

  3. i believe there's a video on this demo..*ehem*


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