WAHM Workshop with MamaFiza!

I spent last Saturday morning being cooped up in a roomful of mamas…and I loved it! I was at the WAHM workshop by MamaFiza of LittleKittle. It was held at Vistana Hotel, off Jalan Ipoh, from 9am onwards on July 3rd, and the sheer amount of information and FUN I had there was worth getting up in the morning on a Saturday ;D

I had such a great time meeting like-minded mamas! And of course, learning more about being a WAHM was the best thing about the workshop. There were quite a few mamas there with online businesses, working from home. Even though I am now a PTWM, I would love to be able to do something I love from home. Some of the mamas I met are FTWM and also at-home entrepreneurs! I have so much admiration for these women, I can’t even find the words to express it (and y’all know how rare that is for this chatterbox!). There were even some young teenagers there, eager to learn about it. I only wish I had the same sense of passion and entrepreneurship of those young ladies when I was their age!

At the workshop, I learned about the basics of maintaining an online business, the significance of time (and resource!) organization, networking (I have a slight obsession with social media so this was particularly fun), and also the importance of setting up a designated work station. That last bit will be much easier to work on when we move into our own place and I have more space to myself to set something up from scratch!

I’m juggling a few things already, as you know, but I look forward to adding an online business into the mix. I won’t be selling products, per se, but my website (coming soon, hopefully!) will basically sell…well, me! I am in the process of writing a book (if only I could write in my sleep…) and I am still keen on conducting talks about the things I am passionate about (if you are a regular reader, you know what those are!). So, for now, that’s all I am looking to “sell”. But I will definitely like to add on more tangible products in the future which are, again, related to the things I’m passionate about. But I am not in a rush. I want this to be a long-term thing for me, and if it ends up being a primary source of income, then that will be a very welcome bonus!

I think the primary thing here is that I will be able to earn my keep whilst being there for my children. My #1 source of guilt (and an issue that I think a lot of working moms face) is not spending enough time with them. As it stands, I am at work for about 30 hours a week and at grad school 5 hours a week. That doesn’t seem like much in comparison to a FTWM, I know, but I miss them terribly regardless! However, the fact that most mothers must face is this: these days, most households cannot survive on only one income. I recognize the fact that I do need to contribute to the household income, yet at the same time, at this point I am not willing to spend all my time away from my children. I am hoping that the online business can be a compromise between the two :)

I will be sure to announce the launch of my website once it is up! I am really excited about it :D Wish me luck!

P.S: What kind of books do you wish you could read or that I would write? I wanna know what you mamas wanna know about!


  1. that sounds really fun, i didnt know there were such workshops.. i am FTWM but aspiring to become WAHM... where can i get such infos on upcoming WAHM activities?

  2. I read this in Mamafiza's blog too! Good for u Adriana!

  3. Hello Adriana!

    Oh wow! Love your 2nd one's announcement! I'm gonna have to think of a creative one when my turn comes! :D

    Ben is now 16 months old and in total, before my menses returned few days ago, I have a total of 25 months of menses free bliss... sigh... how nice...

    Btw, wish you all the best with your website! :)

    ( I'm a full-time mummy )


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