My life is more hectic than ever...and I'm loving it!


I completely forgot to share an exciting piece of news with y’all – I’ve just been hired as a part-time lecturer! I am very excited about the beginning of my career in academia :D This is where I want to go in my life, where I always figured myself to be. Tomorrow shall be the first day of my new career - I am so nervous but so very very excited too!

But with this new employment comes a lot of complications. When I broke the news to family and friends, the common reaction was,  “Congratulations!...but how will you divide your time between the children, your other part-time job, your acting career and your studies?”

Believe you me, the thought has crossed my mind many a time! And the truth is, I don’t know how I will cope. I suppose, I’ll cope with this new situation the same way I cope with every curveball life throws at me.

First is an adjustment in attitude. Life’s too short not to do everything you want to do. The greatest risk is not taking one. I spend quite a few years rejecting anything remotely challenging just so that I wouldn’t allow myself a chance to fail. But I realized that this kind of attitude only results in denying myself the chance to succeed! So I changed my mindset – basically hit a reset button in my attitude. This conscious adjustment has resulted in a sense of determination to succeed in all areas in my life, from motherhood to my hobbies.
Secondly, I’ve learned to have more realistic expectations of myself and those around me.

Third, a sense of humor. When things don't go the way I plan, I can fret about it OR I can take it with a large dose of humor. I've found that laughter and not taking myself (and situations) too seriously, has seriously helped my psyche through the toughest times. This is especially important in mothering my children - only God knows how much they test my patience on a daily (hourly?) basis!

Fourth, and most important of all, is to make sure I have people around me who’ve got my back. There is no shortage of people who would love to see me fail. But I can either surround myself with that species, OR surround myself with an amazing support system of close friends and family members, who offer nothing but encouragement and faith in my abilities to do anything I set out to do. Plus, my dad always says, “When someone is trying to stab a knife in your back, RUN FASTER!”.

So here's to achieving all you want to achieve in my life. As someone said when I announced my employment on FB - "You CAN have it all" <3

Happy week, y'all!


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