My favorite celeb moms!

I think its about time for some lighter fare on my blog, so here I give you, a list of my favorite celebrity mamas!

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Nicole Richie
I’ve always thought of her as the better half in The Simple Life – she is hilarious and wild, and says anything that’s on her mind. And when I read this interview after she gave birth to Harlow Winter Kate Madden, I started to like her so much more. She continued breastfeeding Harlow through food allergies, and from reading her other interviews and even her tweets, I’ve learned that they are a “Whole Foods kind of family” (read: organic, natural living). Awesome family! Plus Nicole has the best maternity style.

Kourtney Kardashian
I love that Kourtney was talking about breastfeeding before she even gave birth. Her sister Khloe teased her about it a little and her other sister Kim has come under fire for a recent tweet about nursing in public. Meanwhile, Khloe has brought her son Mason around the world, breastfeeding on planes  and commenting that she would gladly nurse her son without a nursing cover if she weren’t afraid of people taking pictures (find link). I love that she is so matter-of-fact about her decision to breastfeed and co-sleep too. This was the last celeb I would have guessed to be so "crunchy" but it just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover :)

Maggie Gyllenhaal
The epitome of boho cool, and big sis to my #1 celebrity crush Jake Gyllenhaal (who cares what he looks like in PoP – have y’all seen Jarhead??!), Maggie Gyllenhaal is mama to her daughter Ramona. She caused quite a fuss when these pictures surfaced of her nursing her toddler in public. I, for one, applaud her not just for nursing in public, but for also doing it so matter-of-factly. Her reaction to the whole fuss about it was basically just a metaphorical eye-roll. Tres cool!

Julia Roberts
I definitely don’t approve of her home-wrecker ways, but I do admire that Julia Roberts is so eco-aware. According to her appearance on Oprah for an Earth Day episode a couple of years ago, she composts and has even organized “completely waste-free and bio-degradable” dinner parties. Her "crunchiness" has also extended to babywearing, which of course makes her a celeb mama inspiration.

 Photo: Wikipedia
Diablo Cody
She just tweeted that she is trying out a new breastpump, which basically necessitated this post, haha. Don’t know that much about her yet, but I love how she has a past and isn’t ashamed of it. Everyone has a past, and it doesn’t make you a bad mama, just a mama with a different life story and juicy experiences to share ;) Good luck and congrats to her on her pregnancy - good for her for already making preparations to breastfeed!

Kimora Lee Simmons
I saw an episode of Life in The Fab Lane recently where she spoke openly about breastfeeding her newborn son Kenzo. She was pumping while getting her makeup done – if that isn’t the definition of “glam mama”, I don’t know what is! I admire the fact that she brings her kids to work, and has gotten them involved in the business world from a young age. I also love that she is a tough cookie who sticks to her guns. I’m sure her mama bear ways would work well to ward off the teenage jerks trying to break her baby girls’ hearts in the future ;)

Christina Aguilera
I will forever remember her appearance on Ellen with her huge…err…assets. Hilarious! Watch the video here.

Photo: Babble
Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani is a mom of two boys, which I can relate to, and she breastfed while on tour (I can't find the article now, but I do remember reading that...). Taking breaks to breastfeed your baby in between songs? Now that’s what you call a work-life balance!

Angelina Jolie
Again, can’t say I approve of her alleged home-wrecking ways, but I love that she adopts, I love that she has breastfed her twins (which makes her the only celeb tandem nursing mama that I know of...Julia Roberts may have tandem nursed her twins, but I'm not sure), I love that she didn’t have a live-in nanny till recently, and I love that her family has a custom-made bed that the whole family sleeps on. Co-sleeping – wonderful! Also, I really want to see this sculpture in real life.

It is refreshing to see so many celebrity mothers doing the best they can for their children and managing to juggle a career of their own. It is inspiring that not all celebrities are just good for providing tabloid fodder – some actually have substance and are just regular mommies like us. Oh, and do you notice that each and every one of them are glam mamas who also practice natural lifestyles to a certain extent? Breastfeeding, babywearing, can do all these things without being a "hippie". Open your minds and don't get stuck on labels, people!

Do you have a favorite celeb mama that wasn’t on this list? Why do you adore them?


  1. i love christina and gwen stefani, i also love posh beckham.

  2. Oh, how could I have forgotten Posh! I adore her too. She's hilarious!

  3. Wow!!This post indeed interesting to read...gettin me even motivated to bf my gal for another period more...

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