Our trip to Indonesia!

OK, every time I go on vacation, I always drag my feet when it comes to blogging about it. So, instead of my usual long-winding, often TL;DR commentary essay format, I shall blog about it in point form ;)

•    We arrived in Jakarta just in time for a late dinner, so we went to this place called Natrabu, where we had delicious Padang food. I am not a fan of Padang food usually, but I’m definitely a fan of Restoran Sederhana (I went there during my honeymoon in Bali) and now Restoran Natrabu. My dad tells me Garuda is really good too, so I hope to go there next time.
•    We bought some buah salak and mata kucing. Aqil learned to say mata kucing. Imagine someone saying it in an American accent. That would be how Aqil says it ;)
•    Next day we went to Plaza Indonesia and Senayang City Mall. Both have high-end shops, and we didn’t really buy anything since we knew we headed to Bandung (AKA shopping heaven). That night we headed back to Plaza Indonesia to meet up with my father’s Indonesian counterpart and his family, who were all incredibly gorgeous and nice. Plaza Indonesia is really kid-friendly. There’s like a mini theme park that Aqil really enjoyed. (See pics)
•    On our last day in Jakarta, Friday, Farhan took the day off to bring us around. We went to Grand Indonesia and this one other place, I forgot the name. Again, mostly high-end stuff, but we did buy some things. This was the day I went a little crazy at Charles & Keith ;D Bought as many shoes as I could. I know Malaysia has them too, but these were on sale!
•    I started having stomach issues that day :( It got pretty bad. I was gassy and bloated and just miserable. And it didn’t let up till yesterday! Five days of pain with no explanation. Urgh. Must’ve been something I ate.
•    Anyway on our second last day – Saturday – we woke up early to head to Bandung. The trip there wasn’t so bad – the highway is new, and traffic was alright (compared to the HELL that was Jakarta traffic!).
•    We had lunch at this awesome place, which I have forgotten the name of! There is a small pond where they “catch” the fish to cook for you. The food is traditional Sundanese food (local Bandung fare), and it was pretty tasty. But the seating arrangement and general ambience is what really makes this place special. Oh, and the Grilled Banana with Cheese is DELICIOUS!!!
•    We went shopping at Rumah Mode (not particularly kid-friendly – its full of people and kinda cramped). My parents ended up sitting in one corner with the kids while I went on a quick shopping spree, hehe. I bought A LOT of stuff, some branded, but all cheap. I really love that you can get something for every member of the family at one spot – kids’ clothes, toys, adult clothes. I even bought a few nursing tops! A definite must-go for anyone headed to Bandung.
•    After that we went to Pasar Baru to look for fabric. We didn’t spend much time there. The kids were cranky and the place wasn’t really stroller friendly so the boys were “let loose”, so by the end of it, us parents were cranky too. Hahaha. Pasar Baru has some cheap cheap cheap stuff, though. Not just textiles, mind you. Every floor has a “theme” – textiles, kids stuff, clothes, umrah/hajj supplies. All sorts of stuff under one roof.
•    We then headed to Tokoh Tiga to find jeans. But the kids fell asleep in the van, so my mom and I opted to stay back with them. DH and my Dad tell me the jeans were pretty OK, so I hope to visit there next time.
•    We wanted to do more shopping but we had run out of money and were exhausted, hahahaha! So we headed back to hotel to wash up and organize all the stuff that we bought. I can’t tell you the exact amount, but sufficed to say…we could barely close our luggage!
•    We had dinner that night at this place called The Palm. The food wasn’t that great. But the ambience was amazing. I had the Grilled Banana with Cheese here too, but it wasn’t as good as the one at the previous restaurant.
•    We left Bandung the next morning and headed straight to Jakarta after buying some paracetamol for poor Afraz who developed a fever that morning. In Jakarta, we only had enough time to eat at Bakmi Tokoh Tiga (not that great, in my opinion, but DH likes it) and hang out at DH’s apartment before heading to the airport.
•    We had spent the whole morning explaining to Aqil that his Daddy won’t be coming along with us and has to stay back to work in Jakarta. He seemed OK with that as we said our goodbyes at the apartment, and even at the airport…but as we were about to land, he was indignantly telling us that his Daddy would be meeting up with him at home :( Poor kid.

Well, that’s pretty much all we did on our trip :) I had a lot of fun, and the kids were really well-behaved. I really really really want to go back to Bandung again. But its just not very kid-friendly so its more effort than its worth when travelling with children. I would definitely go back there for a girl’s trip when the kids are older. I’m just not ready to leave my kids an entire weekend yet!

FYI, Afraz developed a high fever,  but it went down after two days. He now has a weird rash all over his body though. Doctor says its just a symptom of his viral infection and should go away soon. Hope he feels better ASAP! He has been super cranky and clingy these past few days.

Aqil has been such an angel these past few days, though. It seems he is growing out of his “terrible twos”. These past few days have seen far fewer tantrums than ever before! In fact, yesterday I only counted one tantrum, and only because I was checking my iPhone in bed and he was pissed that he couldn’t play with it. So I had that one coming ;p Other than that, he acts like such a grown-up these day – “I will do it my-SELF” and “Oh, OK” are his favorite things to say. Independent and agreeable? Did an alien invade my son’s body??! Haha!

Anyway, I have a few things up my sleeve to blog about but that shall have to wait. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. we plan to go to bandung this july, tak sabar nak shopping!!!

  2. wahh liza bestnye. i pun baru tgk MAS bandung murah sgt2.. yeah the other day we went to Jakarta, singgah bandung 4 hours je. 3hours in a photography shop. yeah. rambang mata tgk album. your entry makes me berkobar2 want to go lagi.

  3. wahh liza bestnye. i pun baru tgk MAS bandung murah sgt2.. yeah the other day we went to Jakarta, singgah bandung 4 hours je. 3hours in a photography shop. yeah. rambang mata tgk album. your entry makes me berkobar2 want to go lagi.

  4. wow, you sure had loads of fun! :)

    bandung.. hmmm..

    eh, sounds like afraz had roseola, kesian.
    ayra just had her first fever, poor thing!
    doc said babies don't usually get fever in the first 6 month of life..
    i didn't know that! :p

  5. my MIL pun just came back from Bandung. dia ckp byk barang murah2 gitew. best nya. wish my hubby sudi bawak kitorang hahaha


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