I'm gonna be on the radio!

Wow! When I wrote the previous blog post, I had no idea it'd be such a big hit. But thanks to MamAmor Dolls sharing the link on their Facebook page, I've had more comments on that post than any other post! And best of all, it caught the attention of the folks at BBC radio...and in 2 hours time (that's 1am Malaysian time if you Malaysian mamas are still up), I'll be participating in a round-table discussion type of thingy on the World Have Your Say radio show! To my Malaysian friends, I am trying to find the live-streaming link now...let me know if you find it. To my friends in the UK, check out the WHYS website for details!

Hooray for breastfeeding! And World Have Your Say!

P.S: Who wants to bet that Afraz will wake up to nurse while I'm on the show? I'm actually hoping for it so I can say that I am actually breastfeeding as I speak ;D

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