Afraz' First Birthday Party!

This post is almost a month overdue. Forgive me!

Afraz’ birthday party was held on April 4, 2010, from 3pm-6pm at our place, with the theme “Under The Sea” (but no actual water play involved because I’ve had bad experiences with those kinda parties). Behold the e-vite that I designed for the occasion:

The birthday boy was dressed in a sailor onesie that day, and his big bro was looking macho in his beachwear.

We mostly invited family and close friends. Since my mother has 11 siblings and we have tons of nieces, nephew, grandnieces, grandnephews, and everyone brings their partners, spouses, and/or children, a “family affair” usually means a big hoo-ha with over 100 people. But we love it!

Food was provided by Fara Hana CM Enterprise (owned by my lovely cousin). You can find more info at her blog, LovelyFood. There are more pictures of the food on my hard drive but I'm having trouble uploading those pics to blogger >:( Whatever it is, I have to say, the food that day was absolutely delish!

The cupcakes and assorted cakes (we had one cake for Afraz and a few other cakes for fellow his birthday-mates) were baked by Loves Desserts (owned by my lovely Aunty Erin who also lives down the road from us). You can find more info at her blog, LovesDesserts.

This time around, it was my first time using a party planner. From my experience, its really exhausting to organize a birthday party – just sourcing the party favors can be a nightmare. And don’t get me started on the balloons! So we hired Mummy's Party Shop to do all the hard work for us. They also provided party activities for the kiddies – sand art and a balloonist. They are based in D’Bayu, Bukit Jelutong, and you can find more info about them here.

I think these pictures attest to the fun that was had that day, by kids and adults alike:

Thank you to all those who came, and we look forward to our next birthday party for more fun! (Gotta start thinking of a theme now).


  1. wah bestt nye besday.. my boy is turning two.. best gak kalau ade baloon octupus on his besday kan.. love the underwater cake..!

  2. cute kan cake tu! balloon octopus to memang i yang nak sangat, hehehe...look forward to reading about your boy's birthday!

  3. wahhh sangat best party nih. cake itu sangat lah cuteee! i like!

  4. drama mama: the cake was cute, and delicious too! ;D


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