I'm gonna be on teevee!!!

This morning I got an especially exciting phone call from a producer for Nasi Lemak Kopi O, a morning talk show on TV9. Guess what? I'll be representing Malaysian Babywearers on the show this Sunday, 8am!

Thanks so much to Alin, who took the initiative to mention us to one of the hosts, Shiera, who also happens to be her old schoolmate. That got the ball rolling, and eventually Alin made a post on their Facebook wall, and we got a response from the team! (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE social media? Perfect for advocacy work!). I didn't hear back for a while, and if I'm being honest, I've been super-anxious for the past week since I sent them our proposal. When they finally called me this morning, I was over the moon! Literally, I could've flown over the moon, the way I was jumping up and down.

This is such a great opportunity for Malaysian Babywearers - it will mark the first time we are given air time on national television! I am sooooo excited about this! Nasi Lemak Kopi O is a very popular show, and we will be able to reach so many people with our message.

I am really nervous. I hope I don't choke up there on LIVE television. There is a lot riding on this segment - this is our chance to spread the babywearing awareness nationally! I better practice what I'm gonna say. Oh, and figure out a cute outfit for the day. Gotta look glam, right? ;) Hahaha!

P.S: Hopefully in the near future we will have another spot on TV...something is in the works, so let's hope that happens ;)


  1. NICE.. its about time to educate more malaysians on natural parenting. i kinda hate facing some judgemental parents that think babywearing will make ur baby "over-manja" & sememeh. its called BONDING ppl...duuh....

  2. That's awesome news! More excuse to go shopping hehehe. Good luck!

  3. i'm sure you're gonna do just fine, will be glued to tv this sunday morning!


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