Hong Kong - Day 1

The kids woke up really early, which was like a nightmare for me because I was still so exhausted from the flight (we had arrived the night before). My dad had gone to a meeting (this was really the reason he had to go there), so it was just my mom and I with the two boys.

We decided to order room service (too lazy and hungry to look for food outside!), some simple breakfast. Before we even had a bite to eat, Afraz managed to pull the tray and it landed on the floor. Broken plates and food everywhere! Gaahhhh! It was then that we scratched our initial intention of staying in the hotel the whole day till my dad got back. The kids were getting way too restless.

By the time we got ourselves and the kids ready, and we walked out of the hotel, we were starving! Not only that, but we were caught off-guard by how cold it was. We got into a cab and went to Times Square (it was the only place we could think of to go), and when we reached there, the first thing we did was look for food.
We ended up going to this place called S/M/L, where we had delicious food. I totally recommend it. Plus you can decide on the serving size – S is for small (kid-sized serving), and so on and so forth. Aqil was definitely enjoying his time there – he made friends with people at the neighboring table. Nevermind the language barrier – a charming smile is all you need to make friends (I wish more adults would keep this in mind).

Anyway, after our meal, I was looking forward to doing some shopping. However, we didn’t really end up doing that. The weather was too cold to walk around the shophouses (where I saw most of the cute clothes on the drive over), and there were no “malls” to be seen.

We did go to Sogo though – I had forgotten to pack Aqil’s socks, and needed to get some (he was freezing, poor kid).  There, I found the only real shopping find during my trip – comfortable and cute nursing bras in my size! See, I’m teeny-tiny (can’t give my specific size, but let’s just say that there aren’t many manufacturers who make nursing bras in my size), so its so freakin’ hard to find nursing bras in Malaysia. My favorite is the La Leche League Deep Plunge bras {LINK}, and I can only get those online.

OK, enough of that, back to the great find at Sogo. I spotted this maternity-wear area there and, as I usually do whenever I find any new maternity store, I inquired about their nursing bras. Imagine my surprise when it turns out they have them in my size! I tried it all on, and bought every single one, muahahahaha! So now, I no longer have to “ration” my nursing bras because I have lots of them, hooray! FYI, the brand is Gennie’s. Highly recommended for small-sized mamas!

While we were shopping, I started to feel a bit light-headed and dizzy. After passing Afraz over to my mom to wear, and drinking some of Aqil’s yogurt, I decided I really had to go back to the hotel and lie down. Just my luck, we got into a cab driven by the BIGGEST JERK OF ALL TIME.  What an a$$hole!!! He was so rude, totally unhelpful, and just an all-around crazy dude. I understand that its not part of a taxi driver’s job description to help his passengers unload their stroller, but the least you could do when you see two women dealing with two young children and bags and strollers, is NOT rush them and tell them off! Plus, he dropped us off at a gated sidewalk in front of our hotel, so I had to drag the stroller, carrying the bags & Afraz, around the other end of the gate, onto the sidewalk. I don’t normally curse people – I like to give them the benefit of the doubt – but I curse this guy to a miserable life, seriously. What a pathetic excuse for a “man”. Ugh.

When we got back to our room, I was in an even worse condition that before. I was feverish…and my boobs hurt. That’s right – M A S T I T I S. Dun dun dunnnn! I checked and could feel a couple of clogged ducts. At this point I was nearly in tears, “Please don’t make me have to deal with this in a foreign country while on vacation!”. Anyway, long story short, I lay down and took a nap (thanks for watching the kids, Mom and Dad), which – aside from a couple hours up to eat & get the kids to bed – ended up being a whole night’s sleep. There goes our plan to have dinner by the harbor and watch the daily light show (we didn’t end up seeing it the whole time were there. So disappointed ok).

(Day 2, coming soon)


  1. Oh no! Mastitis during vacation is totally no fun! Do you have any idea why you get Mastitis so very often? Like some reason or something?

    Mine was because of those underwired nursing bras. And especially when I wear DS, the pressure from the wires get worse. Guess I'm not one of those mamas who get to wear underwired ones during her entire nursing journey. I've already taken out the wires from all my bras. No more Mastitis again for me hopefully.


  2. awww so sorry u didn't get to see the light show. but i assureu, u didn't miss anything much, really. yg bestnya light show tu.. during new year's eve je. if not, i think biasa je kot.

    hey btw can u tell us more abt dis mastitis? is it bcos your son threw the fone at your boob? is that the only reason? or jst bfeeding mothers yg prone to it?

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  4. Farrah: This is only the third time I've had to deal with mastitis, so its not that I get it often, just that two recent occurrences happened back-to-back :p This particular one, I figured out later, was caused by an underwire bra. But I've been using those without incident all this time! Turns out that the wire had come out of the casing and was poking my boob. Pfft. Bye-bye, underwire ;) That being said, I'm still keeping the underwires for all my other bras because I cannot live without them. *LOL*

    Lea: Some are more prone to mastitis than others, I think. It can happen to any breastfeeding mother, especially those with lots of milk (oversupply) because, aside from injury, its usually caused by insufficient draining of the milk.


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