Footage from my Nasi Lemak Kopi O appearance!

Hi all! I'm in Singapore at the moment, so I can't update much. I just wanted to share the link to the video of my appearance on Nasi Lemak Kopi O yesterday. You can find it here. Look forward to blog about it when I return!


  1. saw it oledy..u look great! plus the infos..BW will be phenomenal all across Malaysia!!

  2. dear, thanks visit my blog.. with my newborn, i'm BW again..! yeah..

  3. Hi, yeah, great info on BW. :)
    Except I wonder if it was better to show everyone a picture of the bag sling so as to be clear on the differences between ALL the slings out there.

  4. Hanz: I sure hope so!

    Fathinz: That's great! Newborn babywearing is such a precious thing :D

    Anaih: I agree, if I'd known they'd address that issue, I would've provided a pic.


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