Crazy week

Phew...this past week has been CRAZY. I thought I'd have to make an epic blog post about it to make it all make sense but in order not to bore you, I'll whittle it down to the basics.

First thing to happen was Afraz throwing my phone to my right boob. That in itself hurt like heck. Then I developed a fever. Always one to not notice the most obvious things, I didn't think it had anything to do with my boob injury. However, on Saturday, the fever was keeping me from sleeping, and the injured area on my boob had hardened, and - more importantly - my boob was red from the injury down to the nipple. Ouch! I knew then that it was mastitis, and went to the doctor right away, who confirmed it and gave me antibiotics.

"Alrighty then," I thought to myself, "Now that that's all settled, I better get to class." Got in my car, drove peacefully for about 15mins, got to a red light, stopped...and spied in my rear-view mirror, a car careening towards me with no signs of stopping. Before I could say holy cr*p, the car had hit the back of my car. Ugh.


Obviously, there wasn't that much damage. And the guy who hit me was really nice and apologetic about it. I think the fact that I was already dealing with mastitis just compounded with the accident to make it a really bad day. So after the accident, I sent the car to the workshop and went home, fully intending to take a short breather and get into our other car to go to class. In the end, the exhaustion of the day made me so tired I took a nap for the rest of the day. Plus, my lovely babysitters were scheduled to be here all day anyway, so I'm glad I took that much-needed, guilt-free nap.

The days following the accident were pretty painful - my lower back was bothering me, and my boob was still sore. But by Tuesday, my boob was much better, and I finally went to see my chiropractor. The back pain was completely got after an adjustment and an intense session with the TENS machine. I felt great! 

Then I...uh..."went to Brazil" (my hubby has been out of town and was due to be back soon lah ;p). After the...uh..."de-forestation" (hahaha), someone from Berita Harian called me. They wanted to do a story on babywearing after seeing our Malaysian Babywearers representatives' talk and reading the press release I wrote on babywearing at the support group meeting on Sunday. So yesterday (Thursday), my boys and I went for a photoshoot & interview at a national Malay-language newspaper, Berita Harian. Watch out for us in the Ratu section of Berita Harian sometime next week!

This week is a testament to the unpredictability of life. Sometimes I complain about how boring our routines can be, but after a chaotic week like this, I am so glad to get back down to our usual routine life for a little bit! Its a lot easier to be glam when you can rely on a schedule ;)


  1. See? There's a light at the end of the "forest", I mean, tunnel LOL

    Congrats on being featured in BH, dear. I don't read the paper but maybe I'll pick it up when the feature comes out ^___^

  2. Hahaha! Yes indeed, brights galore at the ends of forests AND tunnels alike. Hahahahaha! (We're terrible)

    Thanks, was so unexpected, but flattering nonetheless. I hope friends can pick up copies because I won't be in town when it comes out!

  3. Adrin, that's awesome! (with the BH.. And err.. the deforestation too! Hahaha)
    Sure glamour u!

  4. Brazil? Deforestation..? Ohhh..husband back soon! Hehheheh..
    Speaking about schedules, I don't really have a fixed daily schedule but the routine is more less the same. So yes when the chaos comes, I just embrace the not-so-busy days..eventho tak busy = takde orders = takde $.

  5. Syaz, you MUST look out for the article will see why ;D

    Millie, I soooo know what you mean! Whenever I have a sudden influx of assignments or clients, I am so majorly stressed. Then when it all dies down, I just embrace my same-old-same-old days...but then after a few weeks I crave a little bit of chaos again ;)

  6. i look forward for the article, pls alert in your blog once it's out ya!

  7. Liza, I'll try! I'm hoping friends will let me know since I won't be around :p But I will surely put an alert out on my blog when I find out!


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