So shallow, but it matters to me!

My roots are showing.

I'm Asian. My hair is light-ish brown. My real hair is black. So, my roots are showing. And I'm quite upset!

The truth is, no one quite cares because, being an Asian living in an Asian country, everybody knows that I could not possibly be an actually light-brown-haired girl. But its not the roots themselves that are bothering me, per se. What's truly bothering me is the fact that it is such an obvious manifestation of the lack of time I have for myself.

However, with my parents now back from their posting overseas (read: my most trustworthy and reliable babysitters are home!), I look forward to having more me-time. And what does that mean? I get to blow the dust off my hair coloring kit and get my dye on! Let's hope this glam mama can say bye-bye to awful roots by this time next week.

*This unabashedly shallow post was brought to you by a brief moment of insecurity following a day of watching young, perfectly-coiffed girls prancing about The Curve while my hair was an absolute mess.


  1. He hee..
    Before wearing my tudung, I used to highlight my hair so the new roots are not that noticeable..and my hair pun bukan jet black.
    I also have my 'shallow' moments..biasalah tu kita :)

  2. Wearing tudung is so much easier, but during med school days.... hehe I did have time to touch up.

    Being married, been quite cincai .. so now I'm waiting for that moment to come :p After exams perhaps?

  3. *sigh*

    same here. didn't have much time to take care of my locks. i think my hair fall is getting worse! :(

  4. Dear, it's not shallow just vain..prefer this term coz i'm one now..back on track, getting more selfish day by day as more image-conscious, been thinking what hairstyle is in trend now? needs to cut this awful lot..oopps..vain again.. :>

  5. Haha...its so nice to know I'm not alone! FYI, ladies, I still haven't made the time to color my hair. LOL. Well at the very least I know I'm not extraordinarily shallow (or vain!).

  6. More me time means better wife and mommy. I need to remember this as well...

  7. Catherin, it's easier said than done, right? ;)


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