Notes on our family vacation

Allow me, for a moment, to indulge in some vacation pics and stories ;) Here are some choice situations with Aqil, who kept us entertained throughout the weekend.

At a barbeque dinner, Aqil (without telling anyone!) went up the stage to do the limbo. Haha…so confident! Since he didn’t tell us he wanted to go up, we couldn’t even take a picture.
Not only that, but since he is now apparently a big shot celebrity, I am not allowed to speak to him while he is chatting up girls – without even looking at me, he said “Mom, I’m busy.”
I am still amazed by how much he is grown. In my mind he is still the little baby I used to have to carry around all night because he just won’t stay asleep. Now he’s big enough that, on vacation, he happily fell asleep in the hotel crib (I really didn’t think he would). 

Here are other funny bits from our vacation (because, as they say, pictures speak a thousand words):

A sign that we will not have a normal family picture anytime soon, because I apparently gave birth to a lion.

About to throw a tantrum...

And throwing a tantrum!

The kids couldn't take their eyes off of the performances on stage.


  1. best lah..ape name tempat adrin vacay nih?

  2. I believe its the Everly Resort in Malacca :)


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