MIA due to sickness

...but I managed to accomplish bits and pieces here and there :D

I'm not the type who can sit still, which is why I loathe being sick. I absolutely must do something, anything, during every second of my waking hours. Between my iPhone, knitting and a penchant for singing, I've found a few things to do in the in-between time that I have between chores and caring for the kids. Another favorite is day-dreaming...and planning for making the come true!

What am I going on about? Well, I am a huge fan of Imogen Heap - I'm guessing that most of you haven't heard of her (and if you have, its likely for her crazy - but awesome - awards show dresses) - but I have always been a fan. I remember being 17 and listening to her songs before going out on dates to calm my nerves, and in the car when I'm feeling stressed (although back then she was in the duo Frou Frou).

Recently I found out via FB that she is on tour - and Singapore is one of her stops! I'd be way more excited if she were going to be in Malaysia, but Singapore is as close as she'll ever be for me to able to see her. So in a rare moment of doing something purely for myself, I roped my parents and kids into a mini vacation to Singapore, with Imogen Heap's show being the highlight of the trip (for me) and a trip to Universal Studios being a highlight of the trip for the kids (had to assuage my guilt in some way!). My parents are purely there because they love their only daughter to bits and would do anything for me, bless them.

Other than that, through my parents' huge amount of frequent-flier miles (hmm, wonder how they got all those points *LOL*), the kids and I are tagging along to my dad's work trip to Hong Kong! So I will be going there in about a month or so :D Hong Kong Disneyland, here I come!

I feel so blessed right now to be have the opportunity to do all this. For a long time it seemed like I was just not allowing myself to enjoy life, like I couldn't permit myself to be overly happy with anything. I can't put my finger on what exactly was causing it, but the past few months have seen me consciously making the effort to allow myself to be happy, and darn, with all the good fortune coming way, it seems this new way of thinking is really working out for me!

So this mama is going places, and trying to be glam getting there ;D

P.s: If you have any recs for must-see places in Singapore and HK, feel free to comment!
P.p.s: If you are a fan of Imogen Heap, let's go to her gig together!


  1. bestnyer dapat gi hong kong, have a good trip!

  2. Nak ikot tengak Imogen Heap juga! I am so in love with her music. Some of them are very soothing & ada juga yang bingit. Hehe! But wtv it is, I love Imogen Heap & Frou Frou. I wanted to buy the albums but due to money conscious, I downloaded aje lagu2 tu. Bestnyeeee dapat tengok Imogen Heap. Nanti post up the pictures tau!


  3. I too am a on to go person. Even if Im at home Im busy... We have much in common.Attachment Parenting! Love it here.

  4. YAAAYYY you're going for Imogen! So happy for you! OMG I get to use the frequent flier miles as well in December haritu (covered mine & Izrin in fact). Ur parents travel TOO MUCH lah.

    Btw, tell the kids (and their mum) to extra enjoy at Disneyland coa MakSu haven't been to any yet. So MUST enjoy extra for MakSu okay?!?!

    Love yoouu!
    ps: Sorry terpanjang comment

  5. Liza: Thanks!

    Nisa: Jom laaaaa!!!

    Aizura: Thank you :D

    Catherine: Thanks! I love your blog too :D Hope to hear more from you...welcome ;)

    Aidah: Hehe...I'm sooooo excited!!! Nnt you pegi US you must must must go to a Disneyland k. Then can compare notes with Aqil. Haha.

  6. oh my imogen heap!!!! awesomeee!!! btw, universal studios dah bukak ke? dont forget to post up the pics!!

  7. Lea, itu la, I'm not sure if Universal Studios will be open by then :( I did some research & couldn't find a concrete opening date. Worse come to worse, we'll just take them to the zoo :p

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