Glam Mama’s Makeup Bag … on vacation

I just came home from a short and sweet weekend vacation. We had fun at the beach, at the swimming pool, and visiting hubby’s relatives. The kids definitely enjoyed the change in scenery! As with all vacations, we took a bucketload of photographs…which meant that this mama had to be camera-ready always.
However, with the kids’ stuff taking up all the space in our bags, it doesn’t leave much room for an arsenal of makeup and “face-paint” tools. So here’s what I manage to stuff in a teeny-tiny makeup bag, and it’s enough to do several make-up looks for day or night.
1.       Foundation
I use Bobbi Brown cream foundation. I love the texture because it’s great for my combination skin. Always bring your “usual” foundation when you go on vacation. This is not the time to try something new, only to find that you have an allergic reaction to it (this happened to a friend of mine) or it doesn’t suit your skin type or skin tone.
2.       Concealer
I use a concealer kit by Benefit called “Realness of Concealness”…it has an under-eye and eyelid concealer that works wonders as a base for my eye makeup. I also use the under-eye concealer to cover up any blemishes, because a flawless base is the key to looking fresh and polished.
3.       Blusher
I love cheek stains! I think that powder blushers tend to be too harsh for day time, although its great for nighttime looks. On vacation, though, I always bring a cheek stain because its so natural-looking for day-time use, and you can put on a few more layers for nighttime looks. My favorites are Benefit’s Benetint, and the stick cheek stain by Bobbi Brown.
4.       Eyeliner
Other than foundation, eyeliner is KEY to any makeup look. For Asian eyes, especially, eyeliners help to make eyes look rested. Without eyeliner, I know my eyes look so tired and they kinda fade in pictures. Since eyeliner pencils are small, I always bring one neutral color, and one bright color. Don’t be afraid of brightly colored eyeliners! Used sparingly, they are a nice alternative to eyeshadow. I brought a moss-green, subtle, eyeliner along with a black kohl eyeliner from Sephora. For daytime, I just line my eyes along the lash line for a subtle look. For nighttime, I piled on the black eyeliner, adding a flick at the end for a mod 60s eye look.
5.       Mascara
Using mascara will help open up your eyes a bit, especially if your eyelashes are sparse (like mine). Waterproof mascara is a must when on vacation! Believe it or not, my favorite mascara is super-cheap (RM5!) and I bought it at Daiso. Hahaha! I’m saying bye-bye to expensive mascaras that aren’t even as good as my cheapo, made-in-Japan, no-brand mascara ;D
6.       Lip gloss
While lipsticks are great for nighttime looks, its difficult to apply on-the-go. That’s why I love pigmented lip gloss – they have just the right amount of color to make sure your lips are “dressed”  for day time. However, if you do have evening plans, it would be a good idea to bring a favorite, neutral lip color – something rose-hued is flattering for most skin tones, and is hard to get wrong if you’re in a rush.
7.       Eyeshadow
I put this last because I almost forgot to put it in this list, hehe. A  vacation is not the time to try out new eyeshadow looks. Bring a neutral eyeshadow compact, and perhaps a gunmetal gray or black eyeshadow just in case you want to go “smokey-eyed” for an evening.

Daytime look - see the green eyeliner? You don't need to be Boy George to play with bright eyeliners ;)

Nighttime look for 70s-themed event - note the emphasis on eyeliner here too. Easy shortcut to a glam look.

I hope this helps you mamas when you’re traveling and want to look good for your vacation pictures! I truly believe that less is more when it comes to makeup, and with kids hounding you while you’re getting ready, less is more practical too!


  1. Dear, like your tinge, faint rose-blush cheek evening-look! :>

  2. Thanks Hanz! I find that the only way I can achieve that look is with a cheek stain, not powder blushers :)


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