Babywearing Talk at ibu House

I was invited by the ladies of the Gentle Birthing Group at ibu House to conduct another babywearing talk there on February 8, 2010. I know, it was quite some time ago, and I totally wanted to write about it the moment I came home, but I didn't want the entry to be without images, so I waited till I got some pics (thanks, Rayhana!), and here I am finally writing about it :) There was a bigger turnout than the previous talk, and we even had vendors attend this time! I really hope the attendees managed to learn more about babywearing, and most of all, that they had lots of fun!

I gave an introductory talk to babywearing, which included topics like the benefits of babywearing, types of carriers, demonstrations of using carriers, and tips on successful and safe babywearing. Then we had a lively Q & A session where mothers asked for personalized tips and opinions on successful babywearing. The energy in the room was fantastic - mothers, mothers-to-be, and even grandmothers, mingled and chatted, and the children were playing with toys, or in the case of Afraz and Aqil, dozing off in a sling and on the floor, respectively.

I would like to thank ibu House for providing the space for me to conduct this talk. For more information about ibu, please visit It is a fabulous resource for parents in and around KL.

I would also like to thank the Gentle Birthing Group KL, which is a wonderful group of parents who are proponents of gentle birth and natural lifestyle choices. They are the main reason why birthing mothers in KL now have the option of having a water birth! Their Facebook group can be found here:

Thanks to all the vendors who attended - it was so great to have you all there to provide the attendees with the opportunity to touch, and try, your carriers. I really appreciate your attendance!
Tiny Tapir:

FYI, I am available to conduct talks about babywearing, breastfeeding, tandem nursing, cloth diapering and other topics for your group or organization. Feel free to contact me for details!

Demonstrating a Peekaroobaby POUCH

Demonstrating a Jumpsacbaby RING SLING

Joanne of Littlepods demonstrating her Soft-Structured Carrier (SSC)

Syazrina of Jumpsacbay demonstrating her SSC

My favorite carrier - a WRAP or "Simple Piece of Cloth (SPOC)"

Doing a "Front cross carry" with my 4meter Vatanai Maruyama WRAP. It's easier than it looks! 

Hands-free and happy!



  1. I love this and would love to be apart of this... How great!!!

  2. Way to go Adriana! Both u & Syaz looks stunning! :>
    I wish I knew sooner about this water birth technique & babywearing more..

  3. Catherine: Anytime you're in Malaysia, you can definitely drop on by!

    Hanz: Thanks so much :D And as for knowledge about waterbirth and babywearing - better late than never!

  4. Well done :)
    I sekarang tengah sedih because Zuleyka is getting bigger..and one day she'll be too big and no more babies to sling around..!

  5. Itu la, I'm also counting down the days till I stop wearing Afraz so often. Now that he's starting to walk, and if I'm being honest, getting too heavy for lil ol' me, I don't think I will be actively babywearing for much longer.

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