Activity-filled weekends are the best!

This past weekend was a flurry of activity, and I absolutely loved it! My husband is outstation, so it was just my parents, myself and the kids. As it goes with my cheapo attitude (I tend to be very...err...budget-conscious), our choices of activities were either cheap or free. Except for food. As a family, we always splurge on food. Life is too short for cheap, unsatisfying meals!

Anyway, first stop on Saturday was Petrosains. For just RM12 per person (for adults, that is. Kids entered free), it was a pretty entertaining 3 hours that we spend there. I used to go there when I was younger. Well, not young young, since I drove myself there *LOL* Aqil had a pretty good time as well, and that's what matters! Afraz, of course, was just happy to be worn and be walked around all day ;)

We then went for dinner at Moussandra, a really nice Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. My parents have been raving about Mediterranean food since they returned from their second honeymoon in  Greece, so I searched for Greek restaurants in KL and came upon Moussandra. The food was delish!!! I had the Moussaka, whereas the other people in our party (my SIL's parents joined us) had Seafood Paella, Rack of Lamb and Kebab. Of course we also had an array of tapas to share. For dessert, I had the creme brulee...and it was a perfect end to the feast. I highly recommend Moussandra and look forward to going there again!

After some coffee and a Skype-ing sesh with my bro and SIL at Aunty Azra & Uncle Shukri's place, we headed home. Obviously, the kids fell fast asleep during the drive (thankfully!). It was great that they had enough sleep that night because the following day was planned to be loaded with fun fun fun!

The next day we went for a swim! After our short vacay last month, it was clear that Aqil enjoys playing in swimming pools (every time he takes a bath, he says he is swimming...never mind that he is in 4 inches of water). My little cousins (who are also our new neighbors!) joined Aqil in the water, so we had lots of fun. Afraz stayed with my Dad because he (Afraz, not my Dad) has developed a fear of water. God forbid we ever pass by a water fountain - he goes absolutely berserk!

As we left the pool, Aqil told me he was hungry. He sure wasn't kidding - as we ate later, he finished a plate of rice, some noodles and some bread...and still mentioned he was hungry as we put him back in his stroller!

Anyway, suffice to say, we had a fantastic weekend :D

Here are a few photos from our weekend:


  1. I love "cheapo" activities too hehheh..when your boys are bigger I'm sure they'll enjoy more swimming, boys love eating out, too. Once in a while lah. Especially the eldest, he appreciates good food! And he's the skinniest hehhhe..

  2. Haha..your eldest is like my brother, then. He can eat anything and stay skinny! SO unfair! Now that he's somebody's husband, his body is finally retaining fat, muahahaha.

    And hurray for "cheapo" activities! I notice that my boys are just happy to run around. I think our next cheapo outing will be a picnic at lake garden kot.

  3. Ooo.. sama la kita. We spend most our money on food. It's insane how much we pay for food. But for everything else, kedekut gila. Haha.. Here's how most of our conversations go (when it comes to spending money on things other than food)

    .. The dolphin show costs RM150 for all of us. Might as well spend that money to eat! ..

    .. RM150 for that vacuum toy? Makan lagi bagus ..

    ahaha.. something like that la.

  4. Nadhirah: That is soooo us too! Terrible kan? Pastu tertanya-tanya lak why cannot lose weight..hahahah..

    Rayhana: Thanks for the recommendation! I've heard a lot of good things about TTDI park.


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