My Cloth Diaper Stash

Since I just spent the last half hour stuffing my diapers, I thought now would be a good time to write about my cloth diaper stash. If you haven't read it already, here is a post I made about the reasons I use cloth diapers.

Now, before you get shocked by the sheer amount of diapers I own, please bear in mind that:
  • I have TWO kids in diapers
  • A lot of my stash are pre-loved diapers, so I got them on the cheap
  • I tried out a lot of diapers in my early cloth-diapering days, and kept them "just in case". I'm ashamed to say that quite a few diapers are rarely used...
  • BUT I keep those diapers for demo use to show to mamas who are interested in cloth-diapering
So now that I'm done with justifying my embarrassingly huge diaper stash, lets get onto the list, shall we? There's no real order to this list, but generally the ones on top are the most frequently used (which is why I can recall their brands first). Also, the quantities, especially the larger numbers, are just an estimate, because I haven't really kept count.

  1. Bumgenius 3.0 One-Size - 2 dozen pcs - Velcro
  2. Happy Heiny One-Size  - A dozen pcs -Velcro 
  3. Blueberry Dekuxe One-Size -Velcro
  4. Blueberry Size M - 3 pcs - Snaps
  5. Coolababy One-Size - 3 pcs - Snaps
All-In-Ones / All-In-Twos (AIOs / AI2s)

  1. Rumparooz - Size M & L
  2. Itty Bitty D'Lish - Size L
  3. Bumkins - Size M
  1. Motherease One-Size - 4 pcs
  2. Diaperaps Hemp Organic Size 2 - 1 pc
  3. FreshBots - Size M - 2 pc, Size L - 4 pcs
  1. Thirsties Fitteds - Preemie - 6 pcs, Infant - 36 pcs
  2. Assorted Infant & Toddler sized plain & embellished prefolds bought from the US
  1. A whole bunch of them, some plain, some printed - There may be at least 50 pcs of these in our house
  1. Motherease M Size- 3 pcs
  2. Thirsties Small Size- 4 pcs
  3. Wonder Wraps One-Size
Most of the time I use the pockets. Once in a while, when I've run out of pockets (yes, its possible when you have poop-making machines who go several times a day like mine), I use the AIOs/AI2s. My next choice after that is fitteds + covers.

Aqil wearing his custom embroidered Wonder Wrap Cover with a fitted diaper underneath

We use fitteds and knitted wool pants (often called 'longies' in the cloth-diapering world) for Afraz at night, which is AMAZING because it doesn't leak (I will definitely write about that one day).

Afraz wearing the longies that I knitted

The prefolds and flats were used mostly during Afraz' first month because he couldn't yet fit into any other diapers.

 1-week-old Afraz in a Snappi'd Preemie-sized Prefold

I'll write a review for the diapers in my stash one of these days. Till then, please refrain from gossiping about this crazy mama with a crazy large diaper stash ;)


  1. That IS quite a stash! Haha. I'm refraining from buying any more CDs now, at least until I've tried them out and see how i'm getting used to them. Preloved CD hunting is so addictive! :-P!!!

  2. Oh, yes! I've purchased some treasures on pre-loved CD forums!

    I'm really looking forward to hearing your experience when your boy is born :D Make sure to blog about it k.


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