Back in the game!

First of all, Happy New Year! I know I am way behind on wishing y'all, but better late than never, eh? ;)

I've been pretty swamped with assignments, writing and speaking jobs, house-hunting and, of course, being a mama to my boys. However, I've now vowed to update this blog every day! Honestly, writing is cathartic to me and I don't do it for myself often enough. So I really must do it more often.

You know what else I realized during my absence? I haven't told you all that much about what I do. Well, frankly, I don't have an official job description and actually have hard time describing what I do...but I'll try here.

In a nutshell: I work from home as a  freelance writer, speaker and public relations specialist.

I write articles for both web and print media. Most of it has been about parenting and natural lifestyle, but I've written about other topics as well.

Most of my speaking engagements have been about natural lifestyle and parenting choices too (most of the time its an overlap of the two topics). I've done some emcee-ing in the past, and enjoy that too, but a lot of companies like to hire in-house for that these days.

I also do PR work for Malaysian Babywearers and other clients (not at liberty to say), and its really a passion of mine. I majored in PR and I genuinely enjoy it. I'm not a 9-to-5er, though, so I highly doubt I'll ever work as a high-flying executive of a PR agency.

Although these jobs don't pay much now (some don't pay at all!), I look at them as building blocks for my career plans in the future. What might that include, you wonder? Well I would love to write books, and magazine articles. I'd love to teach, whether through ad-hoc speaking engagements or as a lecturer. I'd love to do some theatre or TV on the side (another long-abandoned passion of mine..the hours are too odd). There are many things I'd love to the near future.

For now, my main focus is to be a glam mama for my two kids...and even though I can't exactly put that on my resume, its the accomplishment I am most proud of!

p.s: if anyone has a need to hire me for any of the jobs mentioned above, i won't say no!


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