Super awesome knitting day!

I dub today...Super Awesome Knitting Day! And its not because I got a lot of knitting done either! Honestly, I only managed like 10 rows of knitting today. So why did I dub this day *in a booming voice* Super Awesome Knitting Day?!

Firstly, I went to Amcorp to get my textbooks from Book Xcess. They didn't have my textbooks...but they did have a bunch of knitting books. Hardcover. For RM19.90!!! I have never bought a knitting book for under RM70, so this was a huge deal for me. Of course, I then proceeded to buy every single knitting book available :D Six books in all. The total price is what I would usually pay for one or two. The bargain hunter AND the knitter in were having a giant yarn party in my head.

And then after that, we went to The Curve to look for my textbooks. Again, none were found. But then I went to Daiso because I had heard from fellow knitters that they sometimes stock yarn there. Now, for those who are not familiar with Daiso, it is a RM5 store - literally everything they sell is only RM5. I was pretty excited when I entered. Grabbed a basket and began my search. Went on a quick round around at the aisles (fussy baby), but couldn't find any. So I asked a staff member whether they had any yarn in stock. They then seemed confused so I had to explain exactly what yarn was. After the confused stares turned into smiles of comprehension, "Takde la, kak," ("There are none, ma'am") was all they had to say.

Disappointed, I skulked around the store for other stuff (I always find stuff to buy at Daiso *LOL*) and whaddya know?? I found some yarn! I bought every ball of yarn in the colors that I like (that were available) - red, purple, light blue, pink. For only RM5 per ball (compared to an average of RM30 at yarn stores), this was a huge bargain! Of course, they are all acrylic yarn - not fancy wool or cotton - but I have nothing against acrylic yarn. They're washable, wear well and come in pretty classy colors these days. Perfect for babies and kids, especially those with sensitive skin that can't stand animal fibers.

So there you go: Knitting Books + Knitting Yarn = Super Awesome Knitting Day!


  1. where's daiso? I've heard of it but never got the chance to go

  2. It's at the Curve, top floor. I never fail to go there if I'm at the Curve. Its a Japanese RM5 store, so you can get a bunch of stuff.

  3. oh, no wonder lah. I never go to the top floor! Thanks! I'm sooo there next time hehehe

  4. Dumb salesperson who doesn't even know what yarn is.. or what's in stock for that matter.

  5. Exactly! How can you work there and not know what's in stock? Quite annoying, especially for people like me who don't exactly have the time to go looking at every single aisle for something. I usually rely on salespersons to help me out, and when this happens, its mighty annoying.


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